Donny Cates Hints That Fans Have Not Seen the Last of Sentry


Writer Donny Cates hinted that even though he perished at the hands of Knull in King in Black, the Sentry’s story could continue.

The events of King in Black have taken their toll on the heroes of the Marvel Universe — quite fatally, in the of the Sentry. However, according to writer Donny Cates, the Sentry may reappear in the future.

“As far as The Sentry’s whereabouts, nothing is ever done,” Cates told IGN. “It’s the Marvel universe, right? Nothing is ever done without plans. Certainly you’re seeing that in the Valkyrie series, as he’s on his journey with Jane. Certainly you’re also talking to the writer of Thor who has keys to Valhalla. So I’ll stop talking there.”

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In King in Black #1, the Sentry served as the final line of defense against Knull’s invasion. However, the God of the Symbiotes turned the tables on the Golden Guardian and tore him in half, absorbing the dark essence known as the Void in the process. Cates had previously written the Sentry before during his run on Doctor Strange.

King in Black serves as part of the conclusion to Cates’ Venom saga. Cates previously worked with artist Ryan Stegman on the opening arc of Venom, as well as the Absolute Carnage miniseries. The duo will conclude their run on the Lethal Protector with Venom #200, which goes on sale in April.

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Written by Donny Cates and illustrated by Ryan Stegman, King in Black #3 is on sale now from Marvel Comics. Issue #4 arrives on Feb. 17.

Source: IGN

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