Digitek Gimbal Launched in India with 3 Axis Stabilizer


The problems of blur images and glitches in videos always pose a challenge for smartphone users and with the new 3 axis gimbal stabilizer launched by Indian based Digitek which deals in accessories of photographic and smartphones the issue could be solved with ease.

As the name suggests that the stabilizer could move across the entire three axes making it a desirable product for mobile photography and video shooters enthusiast.

At a price of Rs 10,995, Digitek DSG 005 stabilizer is loaded with features making the photography and videos simpler and far better among the peers which are highly priced and those with low price lack the sheen.

In-use charge functionality would come handy when shooting for long periods and taking a huge number of photographs.

The ease of change in modes from rear to front and vice-versa is commendable and works smoothly on the go and same is true while switching from photo to video mode on the device.

The user could change switch to different modes using the stabilizer single-handedly making it helpful and unique.

Along with these features, the product is packed with advanced features like active face tracking, time lapse functioning, smart object track and many more. These advanced functions could be used with the application with Android and iOS.

Stabilizer operates in three different modes a pan and tilt follow mode, pan following mode and lock mode.

The most interesting feature of the device is the control Bluetooth which could make life easier for advance features accessed remotely.

Among other useful features, the stabilizer is an efficient portable charger and could be useful when the phone battery is about to die.

In a single charge of 3 to 4 hours the stabilizer could be used for 12 hours.

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