Destiny 2’s Trials Of Osiris Won’t Return Until November 27


The Beyond Light expansion is now live for Destiny 2, bringing a bunch of changes to the game, including the removal of some old content. As is usually the case with Destiny expansions, it has also brought a few unforeseen problems. One of those issues affects the Trials of Osiris, Destiny 2’s toughest multiplayer competition, and it’ll be a while before it’s fixed.

Bungie announced on Twitter that Trials will be out of the game for a few weeks. The multiplayer event, in which teams of three Guardians try to win seven competitive matches in a row without losing one, usually runs during the weekend. The first Trials of the new Destiny season would have started on November 13 and run until the weekly reset on November 17. But Bungie says Trials won’t kick off this season until November 27.

It’s not clear what the problem with Trials is, but there have been a few problems and bugs cropping up since the release of Beyond Light on November 10. Some players immediately found they could farm a particular Lost Sector in the EDZ region to sprint through the leveling grind, which Bungie fixed. And two weapons, Rose and Witherhoard, had to be disabled because of problems with them. Rose is a hand cannon whose firing speed was supposed to be adjusted down along with a bunch of similar guns, but somehow was missed, while the area-of-effect grenades of Witherhoard were killing players in the multiplayer Crucible, even when they weren’t standing in the grenade radius. We’re not sure when those weapons will be fixed or re-enabled in the game.

In its This Week at Bungie blog post, the developer also outlined a few other known issues, like season passes that weren’t activating properly after being purchased. It issued some guidelines on how to fix those issues so players can get into the game.

While Trials won’t be around for a bit, there’s still more to look forward to in Beyond Light after the first few days. The events of the Season of the Hunt start rolling into the game with the weekly reset on Tuesday, November 17, while the expansion’s new raid, Deep Stone Crypt, goes online on November 21.

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