Demon’s Souls State of Play Shares Development and Gameplay Insight


PS5 exclusive Demon’s Souls gets a new 12 minute video breaking down improvements to gameplay, graphics, sound design, and more.

In a brand new 12 minute State of Play video, SIE Worldwide Studios Creative Director Gavin Moore shares development and gameplay insight into Demon’s Souls. Slated for a November 12th release, Demon’s Souls is a PS3 title remade from the ground up for PS5.

Moore starts the video with gameplay from the Gates of Boletaria as he demonstrates the basic gameplay mechanics. Starting with how stamina governs attacks, blocking, and dodging and that players must take care to note their own position relative to the enemy’s. Fans of the original PS3 title will notice that the enemy attack patterns and movement are all exactly the same but benefit from the title running at 60FPS. This is because the developers are using the original code for the core gameplay mechanics.

There’s a performance mode, which reportedly features the aforementioned 60FPS and dynamic 4K resolution, and a cinematic mode that runs at native 4K and 30FPS. However, a recent detailed analysis from Digital Foundry has revealed that the game misses that 4K benchmark at actually runs at 1440p 60FPS.

Not only has graphics and framerate been improvement but there have also been massive improvements in sound quality. Players will be able to hear human foes preparing to ambush you from behind, creatures slithering around in lower floors and more. You can watch the full video posted above to find out much more about the game.

According to a previous PlayStation blog post, the character creation mode is extremely robust and allows for players to customize some beautiful protagonists for photo mode. And speaking of the photo mode you’ll have several filters and options for composing that perfect shot. You’ll also be able to use the filters outside of photo mode, which will allow you to finetune the game’s visuals to your liking.

It was also announced that Demon’s Souls will have a Digital Deluxe Edition. This version of the game will cost $89.99 and will only be available via the PlayStation Store. Compared to the standard edition, you’ll gain access to a number of in-game items including specific armor and weapons. Additionally, you’ll also be able to net the game’s original soundtrack for your listening pleasure.




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