Demon’s Souls Has a Mysterious Door No One Can Open


Players have conquered nearly all of Demon’s Souls arduous challenges save for one: a mysterious door that no one can figure out how to open.

There’s plenty for players to explore and discover on their own in Demon’s Souls, as it’s a game that refuses to hold your hand. But, despite how resourceful most fans are, there’s a secret that has yet to be fully solved: a mysterious door located early in the game that no one can figure out how to open (thanks to Vaati for the footage):

According to Twitter user João Marcos Teixeira though, this is something Bluepoint did with the Shadow of the Colossus remake and is a reference to an easter egg that was mistakenly thought to be the in the original. So based on that, there seems to be no particular reason for the door’s existence:

However, Reddit user Cosmic-Vagabond posted this picture of what’s allegedly behind said door. According to them: “If you hug the locked door, you can position your camera through the door to the otherside. Then you can activate photo mode to take a look around at the terrace past the door. Additionally, you can stand a little before the bridge to Yuria’s tower and use photo mode to look up on the same terrace and see there is an item there.” Here’s a photo they took of the area:

This is truly a fascinating mystery to watch develop and while I certainly want to see it eventually solved, a part of me wants to maintain the charm of the unknown.

According to a post from the Japanese PlayStation blog, it has been revealed that Demon’s Souls will be getting Japanese voice acting for the PS5 remake. This is a brand new addition and pretty big news since the original PS3 version only had English voice work. And if you’ll still waiting to purchase the title and/or need some convincing to, check out the first hour of gameplay here.

A previous PlayStation blog post for Demon’s Souls reveals that the character creation mode is extremely robust and allows for players to customize some beautiful protagonists for photo mode. And speaking of the photo mode you’ll have several filters and options for composing that perfect shot. You’ll also be able to use the filters outside of photo mode, which will allow you to finetune the game’s visuals to your liking.

It was also announced that Demon’s Souls will have a Digital Deluxe Edition. This version of the game will cost $89.99 and will only be available via the PlayStation Store. Compared to the standard edition, you’ll gain access to a number of in-game items including specific armor and weapons. Additionally, you’ll also be able to net the game’s original soundtrack for your listening pleasure.




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