DC Reveals A Surprising Villain Could Beat Darkseid


DC’s Future State just revealed that an unexpected villain is capable of defeating Darkseid and becoming a multiversal threat in the near future.

Warning: contains spoilers for Future State: Justice League #1!

As DC Comics’ Future State continues to offer a glimpse into the near future of the DC Universe, it has been revealed that a surprising villain could take down Darkseid and his army of parademons, threatening the very multiverse itself in the process, and creating one of the first threats faced by the next iteration of the Justice League.

Future State: Justice League #1 is written by Joshua Williamson and Ram V. with art by Marcio Takara and Robson Rocha. The future roster includes Jonathan Kent taking on the mantle of Superman, Yara Flor in the role of Wonder Woman, Jo Mullein as Green Lantern, Andy Curry as Aquawoman, a new Flash from the far corners of the multiverse named Jess Chambers, and a brand new Batman in Tim Fox. Although the team only represents one possible future for the DC Universe, their first issue reveals some challenges already faced in their past, making it clear that Darkseid should be a lot more worried about one particular DC villain.

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In the opening panel, Darkseid and his parademons attack the Justice League of the future, with a surprising twist as Apokolips’ ruler and his army have been taken over by Starro, a giant starfish with the power of mind control. Longtime fans will recognize the villain who fittingly made its debut in Justice League of Americas first issue in 1960. While it’s a fun tease, it also implies the ridiculous-looking monster would be able to beat the warlord Darkseid and his army. Although Starro was the first major threat the team ever encountered, the ruler of Apokolips has long been linked to the League as their main arch-nemesis. If Starro could have taken him down all along – and in a way which threatened not just one universe, but many – maybe the League’s priorities should always have been focused elsewhere.

Darkseid Starro

Theoretically, this means that Starro could weaponize any DC villain, if someone as powerful as Darkseid is in the realm of possibilities. In the past, the team has nearly been beaten by both Apokolips’ military forces and the alien starfish in many separate incidents. With the might of Darkseid at Starro’s disposal, the super-villain mashup is essentially the Justice League’s worst nightmare. If this new Justice League was able to handle such a major threat, and without having any time to bond or train together beforehand, it gives readers a strong first impression of how favorably they compare to the original League.

Starro’s brief return should remind readers that while its appearance might not spark intimidation, it’s capable of much more than many assume. It might be safe to assume that’s exactly how it got the best of Darkseid, who is unlikely to have been appropriately apprehensive of a starfish. For now, the fact remains that DC fans have confirmation Starro is a multiverse-level threat who could successfully unseat the lord of Apokolips.

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