DC Future State Makes Major Change to Detective Chimp


DC’s Future State event takes readers into the DC Universe of the future in stories that sees not just new characters but also reveals some unexpected fates of well-known characters. In this week’s Future State: Justice League #1 that is especially true when it comes to Detective Chimp. There is a major change to the character in one of the stories in this week’s issue and it’s one that readers might not see coming.

Warning: spoilers for Future State: Justice League #1 below.

In the second story in the issue, “Propheties Part 1” written by Ram V, Detective Chimp and Zatanna find themselves dealing with the aftermath of Merlin returning, taking all of magic as his own, and from the looks of things, burning people at the stake. Zatanna is “trying to save” whatever she can. But instead of finding something to save, they come upon the remains of Zauriel. Merlin’s hunters managed to catch the angel and burned him just like the others. It’s that horror that Zatanna decides it is important that a certain figure see: the Demon Etrigan. It turns out Detective Chimp is now the host for the Etrigan.

(Photo: DC Comics)

It’s an unexpected development — and one that neither Detective Chimp nor Etrigan appears to be happy about — but any irritation at the situation quickly disappears when Etrigan sees Zauriel’s fate. Etrigan discovers an amulet in Zauriel’s hand that ultimately leads them to Ragman who reveals that he believes that Constantine and some others are casting a cloaking spell in Las Vegas. However, once they manage to escape Merlin’s hunters and make it to Vegas, Etrigan’s work isn’t done. Detective Chimp has to summon him again and he is able to reveal that Khalid Nassour/Doctor Fate is alive and well — and who apparently needs to tell Etrigan the truth about his previous host, Jason Blood.

There’s a lot to unpack there, but the issue doesn’t quite get into that. Unfortunately, with the Helm of Fate now back and everything Zatanna and company did to get to Vegas has lured Merlin’s hunters that way as well. They will have very little time for Doctor Fate to tell his story so that they can make their final stand and hopefully change the bleak future.

Future State: Justice League #1 is available now.




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