DayZ is Finally Arriving to Xbox One This Week


The long wait is over, Microsoft has announced that DayZ is coming to Xbox One, and according to Gamespot’s report, it was announced during the Gamescom 2018 that DayZ will be released on the Xbox One just exactly today! What a great news for everyone. This game was based on a mod of ARMA 2 that became popular on PC’s back on 2013 for having a multi-player zombie survival experience from the fear of human element that was embraced by a lot of gamers back then.

The game’s console version was originally announced at Gamescom 2014 and was just for PS4, but later on, an Xbox One release was announced at E3 2015. Just like the PlayerUnknown’s Battle Ground, DayZ will have its pre-release to Xbox One in early access before having its official launch after the additional patches an updates. DayZ will be launched as a game preview on Xbox One on August 29 (tomorrow).  The PS4 version of the game is still on its way of planning, but it will be coming at us soon.

Here is a quick synopsis of the game provided by some sources. “In DayZ, your character wakes up on the edge of a beach with nothing but the clothes on their back, a road flare, and a rag. To survive, you must scavenge for food to satisfy your hunger, water to satiate your thirst, and weapons to keep the zombies and other players at bay. Dying in DayZ causes you to lose everything you own and reawaken on the beach again. To survive, you can choose to team up and share resources with others, such as medical supplies to deal with broken limbs or bleeding wounds, or hunt and kill anyone who crosses your path.”

Expect more, and be escalated more, as this game might become our top choice for most favored and played game.  It will surely bring a lot of more surprises and excitement as it will kick-start its launch today.  Stay close and don’t get left behind, TechnoCodex will update you every time.

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