Days Gone game has 6 hours of Cutscenes


If you get bored by playing the same game again and again on your PlayStation 4 console, then you must check for something new about your favorite games. Days Gone is one of the highly played games on PlayStation 4 consoles and if you are a big fan of this game, then there is a special treat for you waiting. The game has 6 hours of cutscenes which you can now explore.

SIE Band studio has revealed the actual gameplay and play-time of the Days Gone game and it has made everyone amazed. About a year ago, the developers have stated that the actual gameplay of the Days Gone game is 30 hours. However, the new statements have changed it clearly.

According to the developers, 20% of the assigned time is to view the cutscenes of the game. To view all the cutscenes, you have to spend 6 hours of your time.

This is something suitable for the gamers as they will get 80% of the gameplay and 20% of the cutscenes to rejoice the well-packed game. If you like the games with storytelling gameplay, or if you don’t like the storytelling, the game has everything inside. If you don’t like to watch the cutscenes, just leave it and focus on the main game.

Sony Bend has said that the Gameplay will take 30 hours of time. Well, it may take longer than what they have stated in the statement as there are many things which still take some time to understand. New gamers won’t recognize some features and functions and for that reason, the actual gameplay might be increased.

To understand the gameplay, you must go through the cutscenes as well. So the actual ratio of the game should be like 90% of the gameplay and 10% of the Cutscenes. The cutscenes include some part of the actual story which would also be helpful to you if you are a pro-gamer.

Cutscenes will encourage you to play the game more and more. If you have finished the entire gameplay, you should invest your time in watching the 6 hours of cutscenes of the Days Gone game.

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