Dataminers uncover Call of Duty: Warzone’s Rebirth Island map


Dataminers are starting to discover more of the new Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War content coming in Season 1, and that includes some big – or perhaps more accurately, small – additions to Warzone. It appears that the CoD’s take on battle royale games is getting a new, tiny map, similar in scope to Alcatraz from way back in Black Ops 4.

The image, recently uncovered by BlackOpsLeaks on Twitter (via Charlie Intel), features the Warzone logo and Rebirth Island text over an aerial view of a small island. It looks to be similar in scope to the Alcatraz map from Blackout, though the layout’s not quite the same. But at a minimum, this appears to be a spiritual successor to that tiny battle royale location.

Activision teased a “classified Warzone experience” back in the first roadmap for Season 1, and it’s likely that Rebirth Island is that experience. The Season 1 start date lands on December 10 for both Warzone and Cold War, so we’ll likely see something more official very soon.

If you’re trying to remember what else is coming in Season 1, here’s that roadmap again.

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