Darksiders 3 gets highly requested update


The developers of the popular action packed game, Darksiders 3 have released yet another highly requested update of this game. The new Darksiders 3’s update is released it has got all the requested features and improvements inside.

Gunfire Games’ have released this game last year with mixed reviews from the players of the game. Since its launch, players have been sending feedback and requests to improve its gameplay. After a few months of its official release, here’s the much-awaited update of the game.

With this new update, Darksiders 3’s Armageddon Mode will have nine different levels to play as a part of the gameplay. Each level brings more difficult tasks with added objects to make the gameplay more exciting for the gamers. The levels will offer new achievements and trophies which can be achieved by completing each level of the Armageddon Mode of the game.

“Gunfire Games” has officially announced the availability of this game via their official Twitter handle. You can check the official announcement made by Gunfire Games from the below embedded tweet.

Once you are done with the level 9, the game will ask you whether you want to play the 9th level again. You can choose to play the ninth level of the game as many times as you want.

Apart from this, players will also be able to notice the movements of the opponents to design strategies accordingly. By noticing movements of the opponents, you can easily defeat them. Since you will be able explore the game with different modes in the future, this game will surely become a huge success of the Gunfire Games.

Gamers who are ready to play the Armagedoon Mode with nine levels of the game are up to get this update. The makers have also released a full patch notes of the game. If you want to check what’s new added by the developers, you can go through this full patch notes of the game which is listed below.

Darksiders 3 Full Patch Notes

Armageddon Mode Features:

  • Armageddon mode goes up to +9: once that has been completed players will be able to continually play that level over and over again.
  • Upgrade Armor: Oblivion Ore can now be found on specific enemies. Turning these Shards into Ulthane will allow any armor in the game to be upgraded.
  • Wisdom Shards: These Shards can be found in Armageddon mode. Shattering these shards will temporarily boost the souls collected from defeated enemies.
  • New Encounters: New encounters and a new enemy have been added to Armageddon Modes.
  • New Achievements and Trophies: 3 new achievements have been added related to Armageddon Mode
  • New Lurcher Clusters: Unique items that were collected in a previous playthroughs are replaced with large lurcher crystals.

New General Features:

  • Reckoning Difficulty: Darksiders 3 Apocalyptic Difficulty too easy? A new difficulty has been added where Fury’s dodge windows are smaller, the enemies hit harder and can withstand more damage.
  • Arcane Shard: A new item that will temporarily boost Arcane Damage that will drop from enemies and can be purchased from Vulgrim.
  • Large Healing Shard: A Larger Healing shard has been added that will drop from enemies and can be purchased from Vulgrim.
  • Weapon Upgrades: Weapons can now be upgraded to +13
  • Spend 5 Attribute Points at a Time: If the points are available, players can invest 5 points at a time into a single Attribute.
  • Hide HUD: There is now an option for hiding the HUD.
  • Flip Y-Axis: Option added to flip Horizontal Camera Axis”

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