All Current Nokia Smartphones Will Be Upgraded to Android P: HMD


HMD has already committed to updating all its Nokia smartphones launched this year to Android 8.0 Oreo. Even the cheap Nokia 3 is supposed to be upgraded to the new version of the OS by the end of the year.

Well, it looks like the Finnish company took it even further and said that all its current Nokia smartphones will be upgraded to Android P soon after Google releases it next year. The announcement was made earlier today at a launch event in the Philippines.

It’s safe to assume that all other Nokia smartphones HMD will launch by the time Android P goes official will also be upgraded to the new version of the OS. Perhaps the rumored Nokia 2, which will be the company’s cheapest smartphone, might not be powerful enough for Android P, but that remains to be seen.

You can check statement coming from HMD’s official at the link below which will take you to a Facebook page. You’ll want to listen from around 41:00-minute mark for details about Android P update for Nokia smartphones. (Facebook)

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