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It is generally believed that comics are only for children or for nerdy people. But the way comics tell stories has something truly unique storytelling to offer. The combination of text and dialogue along with stunning and colorful visuals brings the story to life on a different level. You already know this if you are a fan of comics, but do you know that you can also create your own?

If you draw as well as read comics, there is a good chance you have attempted creating a comic of your own by pen and paper. But there is an easier way to create comics with the help of today’s technology: you can easily create comics online with DIY comic websites. Before you get started, however, you might want to consider a few important things.

What is the story?

Comics are a lot more than just interesting visuals and graphics. Comics are about characters trying to reach a goal. So, before you get drawing and creating on a website, you first want to consider which story you want to tell and how you want to tell it. You might even want to find a title for your story before getting started, so you have a direction for your story.

Titles and names can be difficult to come up with, and yet they make an important first impression on readers and consumers. Fortunately, there are helpful tools like online name generators for different purposes, which you can easily use to come up with creative names for your characters or the comic itself.

Comic creators

If you have trouble getting the creative juices flowing on your own, there are great tools online to help you create a comic. Some of them already come with several different characters you can choose from and depending on which software you use to create your comic; it is going to have a unique look.

To get inspired, you can also attend comic-themed events, which is why it is a good idea to keep up to date on for example DC events or other comic-themed events. With that said, here are three great websites to create your comic:

Marvel Comics

If there is anyone who knows how to create a people-pleasing comic, it is probably Marvel. If you want to dive into the Marvel universe, they have a comic site you can use to build your own story using Marvel characters.


The Pixton site makes it easy for anyone to create their own comic. It is pretty much just a drag-and-drop process that allows you to choose characters and dialogue, simply creating your own unique story.

Witty Comics

This website helps you create comics with a different look than the others. It looks more life-like, which means it can, for example, also be used as a teaching tool in language classes. In any case, Witty Comics has a simple structure making it easy for you to create a story.

Regardless of which site you choose to create your comic, as mentioned, it is a good idea to first know what is going on in the comics market before you decide to create your own. That is especially important if you are planning on going professional and want to attempt to sell your comic.





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