Colgate’s Plaqless Pro Notifies You How Clean Your Teeth Are In Real-time


At CES every year, you will find a flood of “smart” connected gadgets with no exceptions to healthcare gadgets. Healthcare devices that pair up to your smartphone are a big part of CES these days. On the first day of CES 2020, many companies started to reveal their devices out of which oral care devices were one of the first to launch. Oral-B already announced its latest high-end toothbrush, and Colgate has its own unique take on improving your brushing experience.

Colgate at CES 2020 revealed its Plaqless Pro smart toothbrush that can connect to your smartphone to give statistics and reports related to your teeth. But one of the most advanced features on the Plaqless Pro is a tiny embedded sensor that can detect plaque buildup in your mouth as you brush. There is a light ring on the toothbrush that turns blue when plaque is detected and turns white when the area is clear.

As said by the Colgate representative at CES, the sensor is able to detect this on the individual tooth level. Apart from this, Colgate Plaqless Pro also creates a “map” of your mouth and send that data to your smartphone screen so that you can see where actually you’ve brushed and what spots you’ve missed. That app is also loaded with the requisite feedback and coaching tips based on how you brush which is quite not useful for most people.

As mentioned above, Oral-B has also revealed the Oral-B iO toothbrush has artificial intelligence and algorithms to “facilitate achieving perfect brushing results in all 16 zones for superior oral health. The iO has new “magnetic drive,” which is responsible for the micro-vibrations of the bristles. The iO has seven different brushing modes, and it connects to the mobile Oral-B app via Bluetooth to give users feedback on their brushing performance. It’s got 12.5 days of battery life, takes three hours to charge fully, and operates at 145Hz movement speed.

Coming back to the main story, Colgate hasn’t revealed the availability and pricing of Plaqless Pro. But it will be more expensive than the company’s current electric brush, the $100 E1. Colgate says it will be in the same realm as top-of-the-line options from Oral-B and Sonicare, which should put it in the $200 range.

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