Civilization VI Now Available for iPhone and iPad Users


Civilization VI is the latest instalment in the Civilization series and has been released on Oct. 21, 2016, for PC. The players must guide their nation through the different eras of human civilization and reach the peak of its progress before their opponents will do the same in one of the different key areas from diplomacy, science, religion, and war.

The game received praises from fans and critics because of its wealth of content, and in 2016, the game received an award for the best strategy game. Because of its popularity, the game has been ported to a different range of platforms since its PC debut in 2016. Now, it’s time for the game to have an iPhone ported version, and it is now available on the App Store.

The new version has tweaks with the experience to better suit a smaller smartphone screen. It also contains all of the same content as with the full PC release including features like local multiplayer and a new tutorial for newbies who haven’t played the game before.

There was also a promotional launch offer, players can get the game for $23.99, with a 60 percent discount until October 16. Then after that, it will return to its original price of $59.99. The game can also be played for free, but for the first 60 turns of a game only. This is a universal app, which means, If you own the iPad version, you can install the iPhone port for free. You’ll need an iPhone 7 or newer handset running on iOS 11 or higher.

A recent announcement saying that the game will be ported to Nintendo Switch this November is also making a crowd on the internet, it will also have a complete feature with local multiplayer.

The Civilization series has remained a modern classic game among its genre, it has a slow and steady pacing, and its core identity and other key factors are still intact. Because of this consistency, we can expect a lot more development from the game and it might even support a wider variety of gaming platforms. Just stay with TechnoCodex and we will bring you its latest updates.

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