Civilization VI is getting a new Battle Royale mode


With the increasing popularity of Battle Royale games in the gaming community, many of the developers our there are trying to indulge a battle royale mode in their game. The latest game to get a new Battle Royale mode is Civilization VI. You might be wondering right? But that’s true!

Instead of introducing new rules into the existing strategy game, Civilization VI has introduced a new battle royale mode called the Red Death. This is a 12-player competitive mode that grafts battle royale on to a strategy game that was definitely not designed for it. Red Death offers a custom multiplayer scenario that has new factions, characters, and new units.

Here in this mode, you will be playing as one of the numerous post-apocalyptic factions and trying to get to the last spaceship leaving Earth, before a radioactive storm closes in and wipes you out. While moving toward the spaceship, you need to clear you way filled with enemies (other players) around you. 

Just like most of the battle royale games, you will start with basic having only one civilian, one infantry unit and one machine gun unit, and you grow your faction mainly to crush others. While making your strategy to head on to the spaceship, you need to also take care of the storm that shrinks the safe space every few turns. So, you need to be very careful from your enemies as well as the shrinking storm.

This mode is free to anyone who already owns the core Civilization VI. It’s not going to pull you into the game if you weren’t already enamored with turn-based strategy, but that’s not necessarily the point. Meanwhile, you can also watch a trailer of Red Death that has been posted from the developers of the Civ VI.

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