Civilization VI: Gathering Storm Introduce Canada to Conquer the World


The internet is not unaware of the goodness of Canada and its inhabitants. The quality of niceness is so inherent and characteristic of Canada that it has been a running joke all over the internet since an extremely long time. The gaming community too recognized this trait and decided to create an entire game dedicated to it!

Canada was supposed to arrive at the Civilization line-up for quite a while and it will, at last, feature in the Civilization VI: Gathering Storm expansion. Interestingly, it will be as non-violent and peace inducing as Gandhi. A video posted by the twitter handle of the Civilization detailed the characteristics and benefits of the Canadian Civilization. This video further hinted upon the country’s favored gameplay.

Similar to the other Civilizations of the franchisee, Firaxix Games recreates one of the greatest Canadian historic figures to feature as the face of the game. The character – Wilfrid Laurier – seventh in the line of Canadian Prime Ministers, shall be coming to the game. Prime Minister Laurier is quite well-known for his contributions towards the country. Gamers who choose Canada as the Civilization shall be allowed to use the former Primer Minister’s skills. These skills can help them set up farms on Tundra – a precious quality as the Tundra terrain greatly lacks in resources. Also, the gamers will be able to use up twice the consumable goods they usually would have gotten from the Tundra and Snow terrains. Given that they can purchase Tundra and Snow terrains at a very low cost, the symbiosis can help the civilization evolve into a commercial capital located on snowy maps.

Coming to the economy, the country has  an exclusive Unique Improvement – Ice Hockey and Ice Hockey Rinks. Even though it is restricted to certain regions, this offers appeal bonus along with the amenities bonus. The game’s Canadian Civilization focuses on peaceful co-living with neighbors and promotes the feeling of brotherhood.

The gamers are prohibited from declaring a surprise attack against Canada when they wish to take the war monger route. Also, Canada is prohibited from declaring surprise attacks too. Canada is created to exploit the cold weather conditions, protect the civilization and its supporters, become diplomatic by maintaining peace, and enrich the culture. This expansion will roll out for Windows PC on this Valentine’s Day. Stay tuned with TechnoCodex for more updates.

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