Chrome Update Will Stop Sites from Checking Incognito Mode


Google Chrome is undoubtedly the most popular and highly used Web browser app for PC and Smartphone users. Google is updating its Chrome web browser with a new security feature for the users.

Google has its own Incognito mode that hides your PC’s personal information and other useful data. However, there are many websites which detect whether the users are surfing the web with normal mode or with Incognito mode.

Well, Google is taking care of your privacy and hence they are updating the Chrome app that prevents such websites from checking your identity. The websites will not be able to know whether the users are surfing websites through Incognito mode.

Previously, websites were using Google’s Chrome’s Filesystem API  i.e. Application Programming Interface to check Incognito mode. However, Google is disabling this mode and websites will no longer have access to Chrome’s Filesystem API. Such websites will no longer be able to get the details of the user’s behaviours.

However, websites can still figure out whether the users are surfing the website through Incognito mode. When they are checking for the mode of your browsing, they will receive an error instead of the API. This clearly states that the user is browsing their website through Incognito mode i.e. the private mode.

This new feature is coming up with the next update of Google Chrome browser. The Google Chrome 76 update is set to release on July 30. Google promised that sites scanning for the users will not receive any error message. They will not figure out the Incognito mode’s surfing.

Google also added that there are many sites asking users to switch from Incognito mode to standard mode to surf their websites. From this update, they will no longer see such data of users.

Apart from this, the new Google Chrome 76 update will eliminate all the bugs reported by the users. Yes, all the bugs will be fixed on the next update which is releasing on July 30. We will tell you more about this latest version of the Google Chrome browser when the update arrives!

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