Chrome 70 is Now Available Offering Progressive Web App Integrations on Windows 10 and a Lot More


Google just launched the new Chrome version 70 yesterday, October 17, on Windows, Mac, and Linux. This latest update introduces brand new features and fixes such as Progressive Web App integrations on Windows 10, a new setting option making your Google account no longer automatically logged in when using any other Google services or apps, and a lot more.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are now more integrated with Windows 10. Website with a PWA will now offer the option to install that web app, and once installed, they will no longer show the address bar or tabs. They can now be directly launched from the taskbar or desktop just like the traditional applications.

Even though this feature is great news, it seems that it is a Windows-only feature for now, since Google said that Mac and Linux systems yet already capable for these PWA features. And since the feature is brand new, the implementation is still not perfect enough as it feels like you are just running a special Chrome tab. It will even show up as “Google Chrome” in the task manager, but other than that, this is a good step for web apps.

Another new feature is the new setting option that will make your Google account no longer automatically logged in when using any other Google services or apps as mentioned above. This update was due to the concerns from some consumers who claimed that the previous Chrome 69 update has changed the Chrome Sync.

If you have the latest version of Chrome, you can see this feature by heading to a new “Allow Chrome sign-in” option in the Privacy and Security section of the Chrome settings menu. There is no need for you to enable this feature though as it is enabled by default.

The new developer support for the Credential Management API, Public Key Credential, and the new AV1 video codec has also been added into the Chrome 70 update. The developer support for Web Bluetooth, allowing websites to communicate with nearby user-selected devices is also introduced.

You will be notified when the new update is available for download, but if you can’t help to wait, just head to the Help menu, and go to About Google Chrome to check if the update is now available for you. Stay tuned with TechnoCodex for the latest updates.

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