Chrome 71 is Coming with New Security Feature to Stop Mobile Subscription Scams


Google is constantly working on Chrome to make it safer, and more reliable in terms of efficiency and security. Google has announced that Chrome 71 will come with a new feature that will stop mobile subscription scams. This feature lets Google to pop up a warning message when a site doesn’t make it clear that users are going to sign up for a mobile subscription.

This feature will be pushed through the Chrome as Google found out that millions of people every month are visiting pages with insufficient and unclear mobile subscription information. This will make the people accidentally and unconsciously signed up for premium texting services and some other plans that will then result into unexpected charges.

Google also published a set of best practices for mobile billing to make sure that legitimate websites will be aware of it.  The best practices made by Google are as follows:

  • Is the billing information visible and obvious to users? For example, adding no subscription information on the subscription page or hiding the information is a bad start because users should have access to the information when agreeing to subscribe.
  • Can customers easily see the costs they’re going to incur before accepting the terms? For example, displaying the billing information in grey characters over a grey background, therefore making it less readable, is not considered a good user practice.
  • Is the fee structure easily understandable? For example, the formula presented to explain how the cost of the service will be determined should be as simple and straightforward as possible.

If the following practices are not followed, Google will pop up a full-page warning, but users can always proceed if they want to continue the risky transaction. Google will notify webmasters in the Search Console when it discovers a potential scam into their website before throwing up the warning page.

After receiving the notification and implementing changes according to recommended practices, Webmasters can send an appeal to Google via the Search Console and the company promises that they thoroughly review the changes and will remove the warning accordingly.

Chrome 71 will start rolling out in December and the warning feature will be available on both desktop and mobile version of Chrome, as well as Android’s WebView. Stay tuned with TechnoCodex to be updated.

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