Chris Evans’ MCU Return Can Give Fans Captain America’s Best Comic Fight


If the news about Chris Evans returning to the MCU is true, then Captain America’s best fight from the comics is a real possibility for Phase 4.

Chris Evans potentially returning to the MCU as Captain America would make the Sentinel of Liberty’s best fight from Marvel Comics a real possibility for Phase 4. The battle Captain America had with US Agent in the 1980s could be adapted to the big screen if Evans does indeed come back.

After Avengers: Endgame, it looked like Marvel had moved on from Captain America. Chris Evans said he was done with Steve Rogers, and as for the character himself, he didn’t die – but he did retire as an elderly man and hand his shield off to Falcon (Anthony Mackie). It appeared that Marvel would make the battle for Captain America’s legacy a part of Phase 4, but now their plans aren’t as clear. It’s been reported that Evans and Marvel are in the process of working out a deal that will see him reprising his Captain America role in an undisclosed Marvel project, and possibly one more as well. Evans himself downplayed the report, and for now it remains to be seen what’s actually going on with the character’s future.

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If it is true that Evans is returning to the MCU as Captain America, it would open the door for the character to get his best comic fight. Steve has had more than his fair share of exciting showdowns, such as the ones he’s had with Iron Man and Crossbones, but it’s hard to top his second fight with US Agent aka John Walker in 1989. Captain America’s landmark 350th issue delivered one of his most memorable moments in comic book history. In the comic, Steve had to face off against US Agent, who at the time was operating as the nation’s new Captain America. Red Skull’s machinations forced the two into a fight with each other, with Walker believing Steve to be the real villain and Cap feeling that Walker was destroying everything that he stood for. Adding to Steve’s motivation was the fact that he was unable US Agent in their first meeting.

Captain America vs US Agent Panel 350

As a highly skilled super soldier who outclassed Steve in terms of raw power, US Agent was an extremely formidable adversary. With his strength and ruthlessness, he pushed Steve to his limit. Driven by his need to win, Steve overcame the odds and matched Walker blow-for-blow.  The intense fight raged on for several pages, and almost ended with US Agent strangling him with wires. Luckily, Cap was able to knock him out with two simultaneous hits to the head.

The MCU’s Steve Rogers was denied a chance at having this fight with John Walker in the Infinity Saga. Perhaps the only real disappointment regarding the reveal that US Agent is coming to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was that he wouldn’t able to fight his comic rival, but this scenario may not be impossible after all. If both heroes are in Phase 4, it would become possible for them to cross paths at some point, either in the Disney+ show or later. A big part of what makes their relationship so interesting is their contrasting ideals about what being Captain America means. US Agent has begrudgingly admitted to respecting Steve, but he also feels that Cap isn’t the hero the country needs. All things considered, having both of these characters in Phase 4 and not pitting them against each other would feel like a huge missed opportunity.

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