“Choose your Legend” Revealed for Fire Emblem Heroes


There are a lot of fans of Fire Emblem Heroes out there enjoying this raging game, and every year, there is a lot of new Seasonal Events and new characters coming up.  Just a perfect boost for all the players, the most thrilling event known as “Choose your Legend” just came up!

Just about a year ago, new and amazing versions of fans’ favorite characters has been brought back to the game, and this year, that great trend will continue to entertain the fans with a great leap in power creeps and levels.  In a youtube video, the winners of this Arrival of the Brave are Veronica, Ephraim, Celica, and Hector.  Each of them is completely equipped with great skills, raging weapons, excellent art, and the sense of great luck if it rings true.

This is an extra interesting event because all of these four characters are from the different Fire Emblem titles, just exciting as it is.  Second is that Veronica has been in Fire Emblem heroes only which showcases her great popularity among others.  There are also other interesting things about this event, Hector will be dressed just like his brother from Blazing Blade and he will wield a legendary blade.  Celica will wield a royal sword that will add up some twists, and Ephram will dress just like his father and will wield the great Grado axe.  Lastly, Veronica will wield Hioskjalf and will dress like his brother.

Many great and exciting things will happen upon this event.  Fans will once again play an important role in this event as they can appreciate the callbacks of the weapons, characters, and even some of the original artworks that will be tagged along with this celebration of their votes.

Feh Channel said that the Choose your Legend banner will start out being live at 2:00 AM Central time on this day, August 21, 2018.  Save your Orbs, and get a chance to get one of these powerful heroes.

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