Cates and Stegman Always Planned to End With Issue #200


Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman confirmed that Venom #200 was always meant to be the end of their groundbreaking run on the Lethal Protector.

Venom #200 will mark the end of Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman’s groundbreaking run with the Lethal Protector. However, both creators revealed that the milestone issue was always intended to serve as a conclusion to three years’ worth of stories.

“Our Venom run is one big, long arc,” Cates told IGN. “It just lined up that Venom #200 was the completion of that story. It’s the story… much in the same way that Jason [Aaron] was on Thor for so long and then he told the story. He told his Thor epic and then it was time for some idiot to come on and try and do his best.”

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“I don’t want people to get to think that we’re upset or that we’re sad or anything,” Cates continued. “We’re really proud of this run. We just think this is it. This is the story and we’re really, really proud of that story, and proud to see it continue. Let someone else have their chance to tell their story. This isn’t a funeral, this is a celebration.”

“I feel like I’m always pushing. That’s just my motto in life and in comics,” Stegman said, adding that he finally started to perfect his style while working on Venom. Both creators have also confirmed that they intend to keep working together in the future.

Under Cates and Stegman, Eddie Brock went through a number of changes. He discovered that the Venom symbiote was created by an eldritch god named Knull, and that he had a son named Dylan — who possesses strange symbiote powers himself. Cates and Stegman would also work on other Venom-related series including Absolute Carnage and the currently ongoing King in Black.

Venom #200 goes on sale in April from Marvel Comics.

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Source: IGN

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