Best Managed AWS Service Provider

Which managed services providers (MSPs) work most closely with Amazon Web Services (AWS) on the cloud computing front? Today I made a list of best 10 managed aws provider. There is no shortage of AWS partners, and each has a variety of offerings and services. Services range from DevOps to migration to cloud-native app development, the list goes on. …

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Cricket Fans: Stay In the Know with These Top Apps

Watching cricket is incredibly exciting when you don’t have to miss a game. But if you’re like me and you don’t live in a country where cricket is a popular sport, keeping up on all-things cricket can come with challenges. Well, as it turns out, you can actually get live HD cricket streaming on your …

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Top 6 Best Rooted Android Apps

Do you use a Rooted android smartphone? If your answer is yes then today I will tell you about the 6 such apps that will make your Rooted phone even more powerful.

Top 5 Best Arcade Racing Games for Android in 2018

Racing games, undoubtedly, has become the most popular mobile games among all Android games. With drifting, zig-zag driving and capable of racing at 200 km/hr, racing games have enough thrill and excitement to attract everybody towards them.

5 Best Challenging and Hard Android games you should try in 2018

We all know challenging and hard Android games are always favourite for all gamers like us who like to take different changes. Fortunately, the Android platform provides us a hell like challenging games, and in this post, we are listing 5 best challenging and hard android games you should try in 2018.

10 Best Pokemon Hacked GBA ROMs of All Time

Are you a diehard fan of Pokemon Games? If yes, then you must have played Various Pokemon versions. But have you ever played any hacked Pokemon ROM? If no, then you are missing out some great fun. Here is the list of top ten Pokémon Hacked ROMs of all time.