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Top 4 Music Streaming Platforms

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Top 4 Music Streaming Platforms

Music streaming services have made a huge impact on the music industry and in 2019 streaming services accounted for an estimated 80% of all music revenue generated globally during the year.

As the industry continues to boom, more and more platforms are being released to accommodate users. In this article, we take a look at just some of the top music streaming platforms of 2020 and explore what they can offer their users.

LiveXLive Powered by Slacker Radio

Credit: LiveXLive

Combining live music streaming service LiveXLive with highly acclaimed music streaming service Slacker Radio, best known for their knowledgeable DJs and a huge selection of music, the newly synergized LiveXLive Powered by Slacker Radio platform can be considered the best of two worlds for music lovers. Users can choose to make use of the talents of LiveXLive DJs by listening to one of over 420 expert-curated stations, or they can take their listening into their own hands and share stations they have created themselves through an intuitive system that makes customizing stations easy and enjoyable.

Aside from music, LiveXLive also gives listeners in the US and Canada access to top-of-the-hour news updates in the form of headline news updates from ABC News station on any music station.


Credit: Spoon

Coming from developers Spoon Radio Inc, Spoon is a free live music streaming service with a big focus on the social aspect of music. Spoon is best known for its feature that lets DJs and individual users start a live broadcast directly from their smartphone, a feature teased in their slogan “live stream without a camera”.

Other features of the app include the ability to connect with other users through an in-app message thread feature and the ability for users to monetize their live content and grow their audience through exposure on the platform, which already has more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

After becoming the most famous voice services in South Korea, where it was developed, the app expanded its reach and is now available to users in the US as well as in Japan, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Due to this expansion, Spoon is also one of the few streaming services that is available in multiple languages, including English, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Indonesian, and Vietnamese.


Credit: Spotify

Available in both free and premium versions, Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services available at the moment with an estimated userbase of over 299 million people.

Spotify gives users access to a massive library of music and audio content, including a big range of podcasts as well as a reasonable selection of video content. One of the biggest draws of the Spotify app is that it allows users to play locally stored audio files through the app so music lovers don’t need to have multiple music apps on their device to play music.

Unlike in the case of some streaming services, all of the content on Spotify can be accessed by users who only have the free version of the app. The benefits of a premium account include ad-free listening as well as access to select albums before they are released to the rest of the platform.


Credit: Deezer

Offering a blend of traditional streaming for live radio, music, podcasts, and other exclusive content, Deezer is a well-rounded streaming service with a focus on delivering content to the greatest range of platforms. One of the most accessible platforms on this list, Deezer has native clients for Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry OS, macOS, and web.

As a paid service, Deezer gives users access to over 56 million licensed tracks from acclaimed record labels including Sony Music, Warner Music Group, and Universal Music Group. One of the most loved features of this platform is the ability to download tracks from the platform so that users can listen to their favorite music even when they don’t have access to the internet.

Free users have access to select features on the platform, not including offline mode, with the sound quality limiter being the biggest reason users should consider upgrading to one of the five packages they have on offer.

These are just some of the music streaming platforms that music lovers have access to, with more being developed every day. Whatever your music needs are, there is sure to be a platform that can cater to your needs.

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Top 5 Best iOS Apps For October 2020 Sun, 18 Oct 2020 07:04:25 +0000 Top 5 Best iOS Apps For October 2020
Top 5 Best iOS Apps For October 2020

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Top 5 Best iOS Apps For October 2020

The latest version of iOS, dubbed as iOS 14, brings many customization options and new features to the table. However, apps that you currently use will stay the same, meaning that you will miss out on a brand-new experience.

Although the App Store offers thousands of apps, you probably won’t go through all of them to find better alternatives for what you currently use. However, we have been posting listicles dedicated to the best iOS apps every month to help our readers find hidden gems in the App Store.

You can check out this month’s list of top 5 best iOS apps and try them out yourself. We have listed a variety of apps offering different features and functionality.

1. Apollo for Reddit

There are many unofficial Reddit clients on the App Store, but none of them is as good as Apollo. Due to its intuitive user interface and a plethora of features, Apollo for Reddit has received widely positive feedback from popular tech websites. More than 80% of reviewers on the App Store gave it a five-star rating.

Apollo strictly follows iOS design guidelines to make the experience feel seamless with the operating system. One of the best features of the app is its Jump Bar, which you can use to switch between subreddits you follow quickly. It also has an advanced media viewer that works better than the stock Reddit app and feels fast and responsive.

The comment thread is also revamped. Users can swipe to collapse and get inline previews. Similarly, the Markdown composer is excellent for writing posts, replies, and comments. Apollo also lets users upload images and albums to Imgur, which is a handy feature.

Apollo offers a quick toggle between compact and large posts. It integrates the Safari View Controller to make it easier to browse links and articles. In addition, you can get a preview of media links in the comments without opening it. And finally, you can scrub forward and backward through the GIFs you see on r/gifs.

Other features include an automatic dark mode, customizable gestures, 3D Touch support for context menus, not to mention the app lock with Touch ID, Face ID, and Passcode. The Inbox is revamped with granular controls over notifications. Advanced moderator features have also been included in Apollo. Users can filter posts and block Reddit users and subreddit more efficiently.

iOS 14-specific features have been recently added to the new version of Apollo, including customizable home screen widgets, PiP video, new app icons, and many more. Furthermore, the developer adds dozens of features with every update.

Although the app is free to use, some features are locked behind the Apollo Ultra subscription. Instead of paying monthly or yearly, you can also acquire a lifetime Apollo Ultra license, which will cost you $29.99 (in U.S. pricing).

2. Focos

Focos is one of the best photo-editing apps on iOS, mainly because of its heavy emphasis on computational photography. One of its highlights is its ability to add bokeh effects into any photo, some of it achievable only with large aperture DSLR cameras and high-grade lenses.

Focos make use of true 3D imaging to automatically add shallow depth of field in photos that you capture. It does have a built-in camera viewfinder for capturing and editing photos on the go. Still, you can also import pictures you have previously captured using the stock camera app. It uses machine learning and the raw computational power of iPhone and iPad devices to calculate the depth of field for every photo.

In the editor, you can refocus the portrait photos, as well as generate accurate bokeh spot effects by adjusting the aperture diaphragms. You can get a detailed 3D view of the area depth of captured portraits, then add depth filters to your preferences. You can also simulate bilinear, reflex, swirly, and several other types of lens characteristics. Focos make it possible to add adjustable light sources to photos as well.

On an iPad, the app makes fair use of space and adds all the powerful editing tools in a sidebar. You can also use an Apple Pencil to adjust the misaligned depth map in a photo manually. While some of its features might overwhelm you, they are relatively easy to use. The app has video tutorials that you can follow to improve your photo-editing skills.

Focos is free to download on the App Store, but some of the features mentioned above are exclusive to Focos pro users. There are monthly and yearly subscriptions, but you can get lifetime unlimited access to Focos pro by paying $12.99.

3. Elevate – Brain Training

Elevate is a brain training app designed to improve your critical cognitive skills, such as comprehension, focus, processing, memory, math, precision, etc. The training is personalized for every individual, and it adapts over time to ensure the best results.

Elevate has been previously nominated for the ‘Apple App of the Year’ list for its proven tests to boost self-confidence and productivity. According to the developer, the training program offers beneficial gains when used at least three times a week.

The program includes over 35 games developed in collaboration with neuroscience experts. The training algorithm is based on years of scientific research on cognitive learning and memory, giving Elevate the ability to personalize the daily workouts for each user.

Elevate offers detailed performance tracking and a workout calendar to help you review your improvements and stay motivated. The difficulty progression adapts to your skills, making the training sessions more challenging.

Apple Watch owners can play four extra mini-games to improve cognitive skills on the go. They can also check out personal stats on the Watch with Elevate’s compact dashboard.

If you wish to improve your key abilities, try out Elevate on your iOS device today. While its basic features are available for free, you will have to pay for a monthly or yearly subscription to unlock exclusive features. There are free trials available.

4. Roku Live TV & Movie Streaming

Roku’s ad-supported streaming service, The Roku Channel, has recently made its debut on iOS devices. You can now enjoy thousands of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more on-demand, as well as 100+ live entertainment, news, and sports TV channels for free on your iPhone.

Alongside ad-supported content, you can also subscribe to premium add-on content providers like HBO, Cinemax, Epix, Starz, and Showtime (and dozens more) directly from the streaming app and access their content catalogs. Some of the premium content is unlocked for free-tier users every month.

The Roku Channel app on iOS offers individual playback controls for live TV and on-demand streams, and you can also scrub the timeline. The app doesn’t ask users to log in or create an account unless you want to access the premium streaming library.

You can download Roku’s live TV and movie streaming app for free on the App Store. There are no hidden charges or additional fees. However, note that the service is available only in the United States.

5. Widgetsmith

iOS 14 has finally added the option to put widgets on the home screen. With Widgetsmith, you can take your home screen customization to the next level.

Widgetsmith offers an extensive collection of widgets, which you customize precisely to your preferences. From date to weather to astronomy to calendar to a timezone converter, you can adjust the widget’s appearance and font style to match your home screen theme.

You can also schedule different widget functions to appear on a single widget at a particular time. It helps you save space on your home screen instead of cluttering it up with several widgets. Since Widgetsmith integrates Apple Health, you can also set a widget to show your activity ring when you are outdoors.

For more widget customization options, you can subscribe to Widgetsmith Premium on a monthly or yearly basis.

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Top 5 Best iOS Games For October 2020 Sun, 18 Oct 2020 07:02:57 +0000 Top 5 Best iOS Games For October 2020
Top 5 Best iOS Games For October 2020

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Top 5 Best iOS Games For October 2020

It’s time for yet another entry into our long-running ‘Top 5 Games’ series, and this one is for our fellow iPhone and iPad users. If you are in search of the best games to play on your iOS device, then you have come to the correct place.

We went through hundreds of games on the App Store and the Apple Arcade catalog to compile this shortlist of iOS games. The download links are given below every game we have listed here so that you can try them out instantly.

If you are looking for other iOS games to try, click here to check out our previous selections from our ‘Top 5 Games’ series. We also separately cover the five best iOS apps every month, which you can check out here.

1. Neon Chrome

Neon Chrome is a dual-stick roguelike shooter played from a top-down perspective. First released for consoles and PC, the gameplay mechanics later adapted to touch-based controls for iOS devices.

The game takes place in a cyberpunk-themed dystopic society, where the Overseer rules everything from its massive Neon Chrome building. You play as a hacker who takes control of human clones and makes its way to the top floor to eliminate the Overseer.

Each clone has different sets of abilities and weapons, with five chapters and dozens of levels to clear. Each chapter also consists of several respawn checkpoints. As you progress through the levels, the coins you earn can be used to upgrade your attacks, health, energy, luck, and unlock enhancement slots. Furthermore, you can unlock cybernetic gadgets to drastically boost your stats and get new perks to work with. However, you will lose them if you die.

The best thing about Neon Chrome is that everything is procedurally generated, meaning that you get exceptional replayability out of the game. The environment has destructible elements, with massive explosions and gunplay opportunities. From regular security guards to huge hover tanks, there are several types of enemies. Depending on your playstyle, you can also take them down in dozens of ways. However, the enemy AI is quite complex, forcing you to take unique approaches to takedowns.

The developer has done a great job optimizing the game for several generations of iPhone and iPad, starting from iPhone 5 and 1st gen iPad mini all over to the newer Apple devices. While Neon Chrome has touch controls, you can also connect an MFi controller, DualShock 4, or an Xbox One gamepad to play it. It does have Game Center achievements as well.

Neon Chrome costs $6.99 on the App Store. It has received positive feedback from popular game critic websites, especially for its theme and fantastic replayability.

2. Miles & Kilo

Miles & Kilo is a fast-paced retro platformer that follows the story of a young boy, Miles, and his pet dog, Kilo. They end up on a remote island after their plane broke down in a dangerous storm. While both of them manage to land unharmed, the plane is in pieces. On top of that, all of the important parts get stolen by a gang of thieves. It’s all on Miles and Kilo to embark on a chase to find the parts, re-assemble the plane, and escape the island.

The game has 36 unique stages scattered across five different worlds, packed with dozens of types of traps and obstacles, and various kinds of gameplay elements. The levels also consist of fruits and coins to collect. A timer and a death counter are shown on the top, which also accounts for your ranking on each stage. You will also encounter a boss fight in every world, with five bosses in total. Additionally, you will have to make your way through unique enemies on every stage.

The game will switch between Miles and Kilo every now and then. The simple on-screen touch control scheme makes complex moves like jumping, wall-jumping, sliding, somersaulting, rope-swinging, ziplining, fruit-throwing, and punching is straightforward to perform. Of course, you can connect a controller for the best arcade experience.

The visuals are also fantastic in this game. It resembles the art style of older SEGA games, while the high-resolution sprites and fluid animations give Miles & Kilo a sense of modernity. The chiptune soundtrack also sounds authentic and gives the retro vibes.

If you are into retro platformers, Miles & Kilo for only $2.99 is a worthwhile investment. There are no ads or in-app purchases in the game.

3. Star Wars: KOTOR

Bioware’s Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is considered one of the best RPG games of all time. The developers not only got the essence of the Star Wars franchise right but also revolutionized the role-playing genre of games. You can now play this classic masterpiece on your iPhone or iPad device.

While it’s not possible to talk about the storyline without going into spoilers, your journey will lead you to the Cantina of Tatooine, Jedi Enclave on Dantooine, the Wookie home planet of Kashyyyk, the Sith Academy on Korriban, and many more other planets from the Star Wars universe. You can design your own character, change your playstyle, engage in epic lightsaber combat, and use the Force to your advantage.

While the game costs $9.99 on the App Store, it’s worth every penny. Aspyr has done a great job porting the game on iOS, and the new touch-based user interface makes the game playable without a gamepad. However, it does support a wide variety of MFi and MOGA controllers. You also get dozens of achievements to complete.

Star Wars: KOTOR is compatible with several generations of iPhone and iPad devices, starting from the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 all the way to the iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPad Pro.

4. Blackbox

Most mobile games require you to touch the screen for interactions. Blackbox takes a different approach and removes that requirement of tapping, swiping, or touching the screen at all. Instead, it uses your iPhone’s onboard sensors (e.g., accelerometer, gyroscope, microphone, proximity sensor, camera, etc.). It leaves the rest on you to solve challenging puzzles, the ones that make you think outside the box.

Blackbox is a puzzle game that doesn’t punish you for wrong attempts. Instead, the brain teasers are designed to make you more frustrated. There can be multiple challenges in one level, and you can proceed to the next level with one or two of the objectives unsolved. However, you will eventually have to come back to the levels to complete the objectives. Before you give up, you can also ask for a subtle hint. But, they are available only in limited quantity.

Blackbox is free to play, and it is regularly updated with new challenges. However, the minimalistic puzzle game is also pretty heavy on microtransactions, with level expansions and hint bundles.

5. Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart doesn’t need an introduction, as most of us have probably played it at least once in our lifetime. The brawler-style racing game is now also available to play on iPhone and iPad.

Mario Kart Tour offers the same gameplay as its full-fledged counterparts on Nintendo consoles. You can race with your favorite characters and make it to the finish line of racecourses that are inspired by real-world cities. As you make progress, you can unlock new karts, gliders, drivers to play with. Most of it can be earned by completing in-game challenges and earning Grand Stars.

Mario Kart Tour is free to play, and the in-game purchases are totally optional. However, you will have to sign up for a Nintendo account. You can enjoy multiplayer with friends and others for free as well. The game can be played in either portrait or landscape mode.

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Top 5 Best Android Games For October 2020 Sat, 17 Oct 2020 08:25:23 +0000 Top 5 Best Android Games For October 2020
Top 5 Best Android Games For October 2020

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Top 5 Best Android Games For October 2020

Games make up a substantial percentage of the total number of apps on the Play Store. Even the default tab of the Play Store is dedicated to games, which tells how popular mobile gaming is among Android users.

If you are searching for new trending games to play on your Android device and kill some time, you have come to the right place. We have listed the top 5 best Android games below, and you definitely should try them out.

To discover additional games to play on Android, come back next month as we do this on a monthly basis. This shortlist consists of different genres of games, so each of them will deliver a unique gameplay experience.


SINoALICE is a free-to-play RPG game set in a world of dark fantasy. Famous Japanese video game director, Yoko Taro, has worked on this game as well. His notable works include Drakengard and the Nier franchise.

Most of SINoALICE’s gameplay mechanics derive from the Fire Emblem Heroes mobile game, with an exceptional art style and hundreds of collectibles. You can also choose between several different classes and equip your characters with armors, weapons, and other items. Since it’s a role-playing game at its core, plenty of customizability is given to the players.

Every character in the game is taken from famous fairytales, including Little Red Riding Hood, Alice, Snow White, Cinderella, Pinocchio, Sleeping Beauty, Princess Kaguya, etc. All of the characters have their individual stories, which later culminates into one crossover tale.

A few aspects of the combat system have been inspired by Fire Emblem, with each character having unique weapon strengths and elemental weaknesses. Since the game’s combat isn’t turn-based, you will need to think fast and take action before your opponent takes it. You can either participate in 15v15 guild battles or face real players with your teammates.

While the graphics aren’t anything special, the soundtrack is mesmerizing. Japanese composer Keiichi Okabe, known for his fantastic work in Nier, Nier: Automata, Drakengard 3, and the Tekken series, has also composed the soundtrack for SINoALICE. Make sure to wear earphones or headphones for the best experience.

Being a free-to-play, gotcha-styled RPG game, SINoALICE is filled with microtransactions. However, you can still enjoy the game without it. Also, there will be more Nier crossover events for this game in the upcoming weeks.


Yes, your Android phone can also run Doom. Bethesda launched the origin of first-person shooter and its similarly exceptional sequel on Doom’s 25th birthday for Android devices. While they aren’t comparable to the current-gen mobile FPS games, you can go down the memory lane with these timeless classics anytime.

The Android ports of Doom and Doom II are also great. Since its release, Bethesda has pushed plenty of bug fixes and performance optimization updates to make the game playable on every Android hardware. They also removed the online account requirement and improved upon the on-screen controls. You may also use a wired or wireless controller to play Doom and Doom II.

The latest September update brought several new improvements, including 16:9 rendering and support for high refresh rate screens (90-120fps) to both of the games. You can now also install DeHackEd add-ons for custom sprites, enemies, and weapons in those games.

The 1993 shooter is by no means a technical masterpiece in the current generation, but you and others now get the chance to experience one of the games that shaped the history of the video game industry.

The Doom Android port also includes the final expansion, Thy Flesh Consumed. On the other hand, the Master Levels expansion pack is also included with the Doom II port. Both of the games can be purchased for ₹410 ($4.99 in the U.S.) from the Play Store.

3. Holedown

Holedown is a fun physics-based puzzle game released back in 2018. It requires players to carefully dig through asteroids and planets and make way to their cores, but in a classic brick breaker formula. Each brick has to be hit a certain number of times to destroy, and the shots can bounce off other bricks and clear them out as well.

While you destroy the blocks, you can collect crystals in the process and use them for upgrades that increase the number of starting balls and additional shots per round. These meaningful upgrades will help you beat challenging levels on later planets. Fortunately, it takes only a few hours of gameplay to max out the upgrades completely.

Although the concept of Holedown is easy to understand, it takes a little bit of skill and strategy to understand the ball bouncing patterns and increase your odds of hitting as many bricks as possible in one go. The screen will also move up a row after every shot you take. Hence, you need to clear out the blocks before they reach the top portion of the screen. Else, the game will be over.

There are six planets in the game, and the levels are procedurally generated. It gives the game excellent replayability. Holedown also has an endless game mode that you can play and try to get the highest score to reach the leaderboard’s top. Besides, you can hunt down the Play Games achievements after completing the game. The game is suitable for one-handed play, and it’s also playable in split-screen mode.

If you are into Breakout-style games, Holedown is a must-try on your Android device. It only costs ₹299 ($3.99 in the U.S., included with Play Pass subscription), and it doesn’t have any in-app purchases.

4. Suzy Cube

If you are bored of 2D platformer titles, give Suzy Cube a try. It’s a 3D platformer with over 40 unique levels, with secrets and new power-ups to discover. You play as Suzy Cube, who’s on a mission to recover Castle Cubeton’s lost treasures from the villainous Skulls.

The game has received positive feedback from several game critics for its authentic and well-crafted platformer gameplay but criticized its unorthodox touch controls. Although you may get used to it after a while, you can also use a Bluetooth gamepad of your preference to play the game.

Other than the on-screen controls, everything else in Suzy Cube is excellent, whether it’s the level design, art style, or the engaging gameplay. It’s totally worth the ₹350 ($3.99) price tag, and it’s also included with the Google Play Pass subscription.


Data Wing is a simple story-driven racing game that lets you explore an 80’s inspired neon landscape. Although the game uses oversimplified visuals, it still looks gorgeous in action. The vaporwave soundtrack is also mesmerizing.

The game tells the story of data wings that strictly follow the instructions of Mother, an AI that becomes irrational when the system is under attack. You control a data wing that has to transmit data from one point to another without failure.

The two-touch control layout is quite intuitive, and you have to play through over 40 levels to complete the story. Furthermore, Data Wing has a competitive leaderboard system.

The game is free, with zero advertisements and in-app purchases. Data Wing has seen over 5 million installs to this date and received very positive reviews on the Play Store.

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Top 5 Best Android Apps For October 2020 Sat, 17 Oct 2020 08:24:06 +0000 Top 5 Best Android Apps For October 2020
Top 5 Best Android Apps For October 2020

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Top 5 Best Android Apps For October 2020

Apps play an essential role in the user experience, which is why Android is so versatile. The Play Store has hundreds of thousands of quality apps to offer. However, most users are probably limited to only a few dozen apps that serve their daily purposes.

You can improve your Android user experience by trying out new apps and alternatives to your existing ones. We cover a list of best Android apps every month, and we are doing it once again in the month of October. You can check them out below.
Note that most of these Android apps are compatible with several Android versions, so you won’t face any problem running it.

1. YouTube Music

If you haven’t heard the news yet, Google is sunsetting its Play Music service next month and replacing it with YouTube Music. Although there wasn’t anything inherently wrong with Play Music, Google had to kill it because of its slow growth.

On the other hand, YouTube Music is the company’s new Play Music alternative in development since 2015. Since it’s basically using YouTube’s music library, YouTube Music has millions of songs to offer from your favorite artists. Depending on your listening preferences, the app will suggest you discover albums and songs from new artists, as well as create new playlists and mixes. It’s very similar to YouTube’s dynamic algorithm.

YouTube Music also makes it easier to browse songs and music videos. You can search for music by its lyrics, which is a great feature. Besides, “The Hotlist” keeps you updated with trending songs and albums. You can also search for live performances, unofficial remixes, covers, singles, etc.

YouTube Music does have Chromecast support too. The audio quality is limited to 256 kbit/s, which is similar to Amazon Music and lower than Spotify’s highest offering (320 kbit/s). You can change the quality individually over Wi-Fi and mobile data.

Similar to most other music streaming services, YouTube Music offers downloads for offline playback and background streaming. However, the following features are available only for YouTube Music Premium subscribers. In addition, you get ad-free music playback with the subscription. The free tier is ad-supported.

2. Dolby On: Record Audio & Music

Dolby On is a powerful recording app that lets you record any type of audio, whether it’s songs, instruments, beats, or for podcasts and memos. You can apply Dolby’s advanced audio effects on top of it, including spatial audio, noise reduction, de-essing, limiting, fade in/out, etc.

The Dolby On app doesn’t require special equipment to work. All you need is your Android phone and a quiet place to record audio. Once you hit the record button, you can use the intuitive audio editor to improve the quality and enhance your creations with Dolby audio features. You can also share your creations easily on several platforms, such as SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, etc.

The audio processing is what makes all of this possible. The Dolby On app offers plenty of audio tuning features, which we just mentioned above. Dynamic EQ is also one of them, giving you granular controls over how the recording sounds. You can also fine-tune the bass, treble, and adjust the mid-frequencies to your preferences.

Basic features include an audio trimmer, free music effects for memos and podcasts, vocal editor, filter styles, etc. You may also use an external mic with the app if you want to. Dolby On lets you export your recordings in DAW and several other formats, including Ableton, Bandlab, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, etc.

The Dolby On app enables you to do what you can’t usually do on the go without high-end recording gear. It’s undoubtedly the best audio recording app for Android, and it’s totally free to use.

3. Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly is a popular spell checker tool available as a desktop app, browser extension, and a web add-on. It’s also available as a keyboard for Android devices, which helps you type in error-free sentences in proper grammar. From writing long essays to typing tweets to composing emails, the Grammarly Keyboard is useful for everything.

Some of Grammarly’s advanced features, including but not limited to the contextual spelling checker, grammar checker, vocabulary enhancements, and punctuation correction, are ported to the Grammarly Keyboard on Android. It works with all the apps you use, and it’s straightforward to set up. For each correction, Grammarly also gives you short and detailed explanations that help you rectify your mistakes.

The keyboard is similar to what Gboard (Google Keyboard) offers, but with significantly better auto-correction and word suggestions. You can swipe gestures to type as well. You can adjust the keyboard height, enable number row, key border, auto-capitalization, emoji suggestions, and change the button next to the space bar. Furthermore, you can switch between light and dark color themes.

If you are keen to improve your spelling and grammar skills, definitely give Grammarly Keyboard a try. However, note that you will have to pay for a Grammarly Premium subscription to enjoy the advanced spell-checking features. The Grammarly Keyboard app is free to download.

4. Parsec

Parsec is a remote game streaming software that you can use to access your PC games library on your Android phone. It offers low-latency streaming beyond 1080 Full HD resolution in full 60 frames per second.

All you need is a capable PC that can encode the stream while delivering respectable framerates for the games you play. Setting up the Parsec desktop client is super easy. Once you do that, you can log in to the Android app with your Parsec account and access the games library.

You can also add your friends on Parsec, connect to their PCs, and play local co-op multiplayer PC games on your phone. If you don’t have friends to play with, you can always join a random person’s lobby from the Arcade section of the app.

The Parsec Android app is compatible with all types of wired and Bluetooth controllers, whether it’s the Xbox 360, Xbox One, DualShock 4, or other equivalent gamepads. The app works natively on Android TV, and you can play over either 5 GHz Wi-Fi or Ethernet for the best experience possible.

5. WalliPop Wallpapers

WalliPop Wallpapers is a premium wallpaper app for Android devices, offering dozens of collections of high-quality, handmade wallpapers. At the time of this writing, the app has enough wallpapers for you to give your home screen a fresh look for the next two years.

WalliPop’s wallpaper collection is ever-growing, with new ones added every week. The app itself also has a simple and intuitive material user interface. It suits the whole minimalist theme around. Additionally, you can set individual wallpapers for both your home and lock screen.

WalliPop Wallpaper will cost you ₹80 ($0.99 in the US) on the Play Store. There are zero advertisements throughout the app, which is expected considering it’s not a free wallpaper app. However, it does include premium wallpaper collections that you can buy via in-app purchases.

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Which Antivirus Slows Down Computer the Least? Wed, 14 Oct 2020 06:39:45 +0000 Which Antivirus Slows Down Computer the Least?
Which Antivirus Slows Down Computer the Least?

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Which Antivirus Slows Down Computer the Least?

In a world where identity theft, annoying ads, phishing attacks, and advanced forms of malware infections are a common occurrence, having a good antivirus software is a must. Given the fact that most antivirus software companies offer free trials and free versions of their software, there is really no reason why anyone should use their computer or access the internet without having basic protections against attacks.

The one thing that may make anyone shy away from using antivirus software is the effect that such software typically has on computers. They tend to take up a lot of memory, and they inevitably slow down the computer. Therefore, if you have an old computer or one that is already slow, it is understandable why you may be reluctant to install an antivirus program on your computer. However, not all antivirus software slows down computers.

Here is a list of different types of antivirus software that offer great protection against threats without slowing down computers. If you are looking for something to protect you from attacks, starting with this list will make it easy for you to compare which free antivirus is the best for Windows.

Avast Antivirus

Avast is an incredibly popular antivirus that has proven to be great in terms of not overwhelming a system. It is relatively lightweight and carries quick scans faster than other types of antivirus software. The fact that it has a free version that offers decent protection, and that it is compatible with Windows, MacOS, and even android devices makes it ideal as an option for all-round protection.

Furthermore, if you need more protection, this software can readily provide. Its advanced software features include an effective tool for cleaning up browsers, a webcam shield, VPN services, and a password manager for enhanced security. There is also the fact that it offers real-time protection when you are browsing the internet. As a result, it can give you timely warnings when you are about to navigate to a potentially harmful website.

Bitdefender Antivirus

Bitdefender ranks as one of the best overall antivirus software in the market in terms of offering advanced data, privacy, and anti-malware protections. However, unlike most of the software programs that are incredibly good at detecting and getting rid of viruses, Bitdefender does not come with a performance-throttling effect.

Its metrics in terms of full-scan slowdowns, quick-scan slowdowns, and passive slowdowns are great. Therefore, it is software that offers the best of both worlds in terms of protection and performance. As a result, it is no wonder that it is consistently among reviewers’ ‘Top 10’ lists.

Panda Antivirus

One of the main reasons why Panda Antivirus is great for sluggish computers is because it does not rely heavily on a computer’s processing power. This software takes advantage of cloud processing to offer advanced security protections. As a result, when it is scanning a computer it does not consume a lot of resources. It also does not come with heavy software updates.

In terms of scanning, it also offers nifty options that help you determine how extensive of a scan you intend on carrying out. You can do a critical scan, a full scan, or you can customize the scans that you want it to run. These options give you the freedom to choose the degree of resources and time that you are willing to dedicate to carrying out a scan.

The only downside of this software is the fact that its effectiveness depends on having an internet connection. As a result, it may end up leaving your computer unprotected for extended periods.

Avira Antivirus

If you are just looking for an antivirus to use on a personal computer, then Avira Antivirus will be good for you. It not only comes with effective anti-dialer protection, harmful worms, and trojans, but also features an advanced search technology that is really good at detecting malware and other harmful programs. Its QuickRemoval tool is useful in getting rid of viruses fast. And if you are a beginner, you will love its simplified and user-friendly interface that makes it less overwhelming to use it.

It is fast at running scans, and even when it is doing a background scan, it does not hog all the resources of your computer. Therefore, it is no surprise that it typically features at the top when it comes to most performance metrics — as far as resource intensity is concerned.

However, if you are looking for advanced features for use in a commercial environment, this Avira Antivirus is not the best solution. This is so mainly because it lacks a lot of useful features like advanced web shields and sandbox tools. Furthermore, its behavioral shield and zero-day protection tool are not the best in the market.

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Top 6 Netflix Shows to Watch This Week Tue, 22 Sep 2020 16:40:35 +0000 Top 6 Netflix Shows to Watch This Week
Top 6 Netflix Shows to Watch This Week

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Top 6 Netflix Shows to Watch This Week

Has the lockdown during pandemic made you all uninteresting? Doesn’t matter if its Monday, a regular Thursday, or even a weekend, they all look like weekends to me.

You all need something to binge-watch that is both exciting and lift your mood up.

In this guide, I’ll be showing you some top Netflix shows that recently been premiered on Netflix that are must-watch.

Not to mention these shows have got good rating, some excellent reviews from top publishers, and has a mix myriad of genre.

Here are 6 top Netflix shows that you much watch before September ends:

  1. Away

It is a science fiction drama starring Hilary Swank as Emma Green and it premiered on Netflix on 4th September.

Emma Green is a commander and she agrees to go to a three-year mission to Mars for the first time leaving her husband and a daughter behind.

As she faces problems during her trip to Mars, her husband and daughter also face problems back in the earth.

It only has a rating of 6.6 on IMDB but it is a guaranteed thriller that you’ve got to watch this month. It has only 10 episodes and about 50 minutes each.

  1. Challenger: The Final Flight

It is a TV Mini-Series which is based on the tragic accident of the NASA’s Space Shuttle in 1986. It was released on Netflix on 16th September.

The documentary revolves around the perspective of the families that died in the Space Shuttle. These include families of engineers, official, and crew members.

It also shows the actual footage of the people that took their last ride and never knew of its disaster and its aftermath.

It has 8.0 ratings on IMDB which is excellent to say the least. Since it is a mini-series it contains only 4 episodes. Each episode is about 42 minutes in length.

  1. Julie and the Phantoms

It is an American Musical-Comedy Drama series that premiered on Netflix on 10th September. It is based on the life of Julie who is a teenager who lost her passion for music when her mom passed away.

She got her passion for the music back after when three ghostly guys convinces her to start a band. It is based on the Brazilian TV show ‘Julie e os Fantasmas’ and its really fun to watch especially for teenagers above 13 years.

It has an impressive IMDB rating of 8.5 stars. Julie and the Phantoms has 9 episodes to stream in season 1 and each episode is about 30 minutes on average.

  1. Cocomelon

Cocomelon is a highly popular Kids TV Show which was formerly known as ABCKids TV and ThatsMEonTV. Currently, it is being aired on Netflix since September.

This Kids show is actually for everyone in the family. It helps you learn letters, numbers, animal sounds, and more with baby JJ and his siblings. Any pre-schooler can relate to the adventures of baby JJ.

Even though it has an IMDB rating of only 5.7, they are the most-viewed channel in the United States and the second-most viewed channel in the world. You can watch the first season on Netflix with 3 episodes each of which are 60 minutes in length.

  1. Cobra Kai

This TV series is a sequel of the Movie ‘Karate Kid’ and 2 seasons are recently added on Netflix.

Decades after the Karate tournament that was held in 1984, Johnny and Daniels’ rivalry started to reignite again.

It has a good 8.7 rating on IMDB. There are a total of 20 episodes combining the 2 seasons. Each episode comprises of 30 minutes.

  1. Pokemon Journey: The Series

The last one is pretty amazing and it’s the favorite of everyone ‘Pokemon’. This will be the 23rd season of Pokemon but only the first season on Netflix.

Netflix has become an exclusive home of Pokemon as it has already picked up the movie ‘Mewtwo Strikes Back’ earlier this year.

But since Pokemon Journey: The Series is only limited to certain countries, a lot of people won’t be able to watch it on their Netflix.

You will need a good VPN to unblock its content. Most VPNs don’t work with Netflix due to its strong restrictions. However, some VPNs can still access US Netflix and other content that are available in specific countries.

With that, we conclude our list of top Netflix Shows that you are bound to watch this September. We guarantee that it will be worth watching.

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Top 5 Best iOS Apps For September 2020 Thu, 17 Sep 2020 10:13:13 +0000 Top 5 Best iOS Apps For September 2020
Top 5 Best iOS Apps For September 2020

This shortlist contains iOS apps that are designed to not only empower your creativity and strengthen mental abilities but also provide internet privacy and device personalization options for better user experience.

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Top 5 Best iOS Apps For September 2020

Like every month, we are back with five new iOS apps for you to try in the month of September 2020. We have surfed through thousands of apps on the App Store so that you don’t have to.

This shortlist contains iOS apps that are designed to not only empower your creativity and strengthen mental abilities but also provide internet privacy and device personalization options for better user experience. Be sure to check them out below one-by-one.

1. Anchor

If you are interested in starting your own podcast, Anchor is an excellent platform for you to unleash your creativity. It offers podcast creation tools for the public, along with free hosting and distribution tools for sharing your voice across preferred listening platforms.

With the Anchor app on your iPhone/iPad, you can record audio from anywhere you want. It has a built-in episode builder that lets you edit and visualize audio segments on the go. You can also add transitions, sound effects, and background tracks from Anchor’s royalty-free audio library. In addition, you can even add voice messages from your listeners. The app lets you record podcasts remotely with up to four people, and it doesn’t matter how far or close they are from you.

Alongside podcast creation tools, Anchor also offers a cover art generator for your podcast. Furthermore, it can detect external microphones, and you can import your voice recordings to the app as well.

One of the best things about Anchor is its analytic dashboard, which lets you track listener counts from several podcast platforms and offers a detailed view of your listener’s demographics. You can even apply for Anchor sponsorships and monetize your podcast, no matter what your audience size is.

Anchor offers unlimited storage for your podcast episodes. There are no hidden charges, and you won’t be asked to pay any monthly fees. You can also choose to distribute your podcasts on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and additional podcast apps directly from the Anchor app.

The Anchor app is also free to download on the App Store. Visit to learn more about Anchor’s features.

2. Onion Browser

Onion Browser is an open-source web browser based on the Tor Project. It encrypts your web activities and reroutes your network traffic through the Tor Network, which is basically a chain of private servers across the globe. It’s pretty much impossible for anyone to spy on your web searches or track your real location on the Tor Network, making you anonymous on the web.

If you care about your safety and privacy on the web, then consider using Onion Browser. It not only blocks trackers on different websites but also secures your browsing history from your internet service provider and public Wi-Fi hotspots. It also forces webpages to load in HTTPS, providing a more secure browsing experience. With Onion Browser, you can also access .onion websites, which you can’t otherwise access from regular web browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Onion Browser works almost like a VPN, albeit with better security and encryption protocols in place. It automatically clears tabs and cookies once you close the browser, as well as blocks malicious scripts on untrusted websites. You can also change the security levels for individual websites, plus manually configure the bridge for the Tor Circuit.

Since your network traffic is encrypted and then relayed through the Tor Network, your web browsing experience is prone to suffer from slowdowns when using Onion Browser. However, it ensures that your privacy on the web is uncompromised. By default, the browser also blocks media streams to safeguard your location.

Similar to the Onion Browser on other platforms, you can download it for free on your iOS device. The browser has in-app purchases, but it only is for supporting the developer. All of Onion Browser’s privacy-enhancing features can be used for free.

3. Lumosity: Brain Training

Lumosity is a cognitive training app that helps you train your brain in an interactive manner. The app first prompts you to take a 10-minute test to get a baseline score of your memory, flexibility, attention, speed, problem-solving skills, language, math, logic, etc. Then, it shows you a score comparison with others of your age. The app has dozens of games that you can play to enhance your strengths and weaknesses. Lumosity also gives your detailed insights from your training sessions.

The games have been designed by real scientists that can improve your common cognitive patterns. Lumosity offers over 40+ activities as of now, with new activities and features added with frequent updates. Based on your baseline scores, the app will suggest sets of games for you to play, so that you can challenge your brain in different ways and diminish your key weaknesses.

Lumos Labs, the developer of Lumosity, is also working with several university researchers in different countries. It gives them the chance to tap untouched areas of human cognition and design new activities for you to improve your mental abilities.

Lumosity is available in several languages, including English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean, etc. You can get it for free from the App Store. Bear in mind that Lumosity has a Premium tier, which unlocks new personalized training programs and offers a more comprehensive insight for your training sessions. It will cost you $11.99/month and $59.99/year. Regional pricing is subject to your location.

4. Vectornator X: Design Software

With Vectornator X on your iPhone or iPad, you can create your own vector graphic designs with the app’s powerful tools and intuitive editor menu. Whether you want to create beautiful illustrations, stunning designs, or detailed layouts, you can create anything you want on the go.

The app has all the tools and features that you usually see on desktop software. Combined with Apple’s powerful chipset and optimization, Vectornator X can quite possibly be your choice of software for creating vector graphic designs when you are not on your desktop. It has a card-based user interface that cleans out the clutter from your screen, and it natively supports the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

The primary set of vector drawing tools consists of Pen, Brush, Node, and Shape tools. You can also align, mask, group, rotate, scale, order, and duplicate the vector elements as per your preference. Vectornator X also provides advanced vector tools, including boolean, corner radius, path outlining, separating, combining, etc. Furthermore, you can take advantage of the typography tool, giving you total control over tracking, kerning, line height adjustments, text outlining, font importing, and more.

Not to mention, you can work with multiple canvases on a single document, as well as use the Auto Trace feature to convert bitmap images into vectors. Vectornator X even has a color picker tool that supports hex input, wide color gamut, gradients, palettes, blending, etc. The built-in Iconator library offers 80,000+ icons that you can add to your designs.

Vectornator X comes with plenty of service and platform integrations as well. It’s compatible with not only Adobe Illustrator and Creative Cloud but also iCloud for project back-ups. The app lets you import and export vector designs in several different formats, with support for separate layer exports.

Vectornator X is entirely free to use, with zero in-app purchases or premium features. The app works best on the iPad Pro models and iPhones newer than the 6s.


If you are a fan of satellite imagery of the Earth, planets, and space, then WLPPR is a must-have app on your iOS device. With WLPPR, you get access to an exceptional collection of high-resolution wallpapers based on images captured by imaging satellites in orbit and beyond. The app also offers relevant information on a particular image that you select, with links to the official scientific sources.

The wallpaper library is updated with new collections on a weekly basis, and you can browse through a variety of backdrop choices as per your liking. WLPPR also lets you save the images to your gallery and share them with others on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

WLPPR is a free wallpapers app for iOS, but it does offer premium wallpaper collections from $0.99.

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Top 5 Best iOS Games For September 2020 Thu, 17 Sep 2020 10:11:15 +0000 Top 5 Best iOS Games For September 2020
Top 5 Best iOS Games For September 2020

Every month, we cover some of the best iOS games to save you from the burden of scrolling through the vast list of titles on the App Store. September is no exception in that regard, and you should take a look at our picks for the top five best iOS games below.

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Top 5 Best iOS Games For September 2020

In the season of social distancing, there’s nothing better than staying at home and playing games, assuming that you have some time to spare from your work. However, not everyone owns a PC or game console. But we all own a smartphone these days, and it can run games as well.

For those using an iPhone or iPad, the Apple App Store offers thousands of playable titles. In fact, the number goes far beyond thousands, given that there are 2.2 million apps on the App Store, according to recent reports.

Although these numbers speak volumes, it’s not that easy to find the best games for iOS. Considering that only a couple of hundreds of games ever hit the App Store’s featured page, there are plenty of underrated options that everyone should give a try.

Every month, we cover some of the best iOS games to save you from the burden of scrolling through the vast list of titles on the App Store. September is no exception in that regard, and you should take a look at our picks for the top five best iOS games below.

1. Thumper: Pocket Edition

Initially released for PC and game consoles back in 2016, action rhythm game Thumper made its way to iOS and Android devices last year. Its psychedelic visuals are mesmerizing, and it has an epic soundtrack that hooks players up for hours.

It’s a fast-paced rhythm game, where you control a silver space beetle. You travel down a narrow pathway at a blistering speed, which is colorful and hypnotic. All you have to do is tap or swipe the screen to avoid obstacles and use attack moves to defeat the powerful creatures in boss battles. You can also speed up by collecting power-ups on the way.

Thumper: Pocket Edition has nine levels, each having unique boss battles, obstacles, pathways, and pounding soundtracks. The game keeps you engaged during the whole playthrough, and you have no time to make decisions. It doesn’t matter whether you have godlike reflexes or fast fingers; achieving a flawless level completion is quite tricky. The game also features a Play+ mode, with increases the travel speed and toughens the challenges.

Thumper: Pocket Edition offers a smooth 60 FPS gameplay on iPhones, and you can play it in either portrait or landscape mode. On the iPad Pro models, you can play the game in up to 120 FPS. It has iCloud integration, meaning that you can play Thumper across your Apple devices without losing progress.

Thumper: Pocket Edition is a paid game on the App Store. It will cost you $4.99, but you can play the game offline.

2. ChatMasters

ChatMasters is a casual arcade-style game for iPhone devices. It lets you challenge other players to a word-battle league. The game will let you select a character that closely resembles real-world influentials and iconic characters from popular culture. You can then choose a league where you have to fight against your opponents to a battle of words.

The gameplay is straightforward to understand. The chat bubbles on the left side have your messages, whereas the chat bubbles on the right have your opponent’s messages. The messages can be either text or stickers, and you can exchange both positive and negative words. All you have to do is delay the fall of Emoticon, which stops for a while on your positive messages (labeled as green) and your opponent’s negative messages (marked as red). While the Emoticon is rolling on a positive chat bubble on your side, you can tap it to farm likes. Make sure to avoid touching the negative ones on your side or positive ones on your opponent’s side. Otherwise, you will lose your likes, and they will be given to your opponent.

As you make progress, the conversation speed will increase, and you will have less time to collect likes and outrun your opponent. When you win the argument, you get the option to upgrade your character and add the defeated characters to your collection. It includes Blogger Girl, Fan Warrior, Nuclear Guy, Plush Shark, Fashion Granny, Mad Cook, etc.

You also have to make sure that the Emoticon doesn’t stay at the top of the conversation screen for a long time, and keep it from falling to the bottom of the chat bubbles. Else, the game round will end.

ChatMasters has several leagues to offer, each having a unique theme and set of characters. The examples include the BadGuy League, Comics League, Chicken League, Unicorn League, etc. You also can compete against your friends and family members for the top rank on the leaderboard.

You can unlock all the characters in the game just by making progress. ChatMasters is a $3.99 game, but it doesn’t have in-game microtransactions. The devs have planned to make the game free-to-play in the near future as well.

3. Brawlhalla

With over 40 million players across all platforms, Brawlhalla is a free-to-play platform fighting game that has recently made its way to iOS devices. Thanks to its superior cross-platform compatibility, you can play with your friends on any platform, whether it’s PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, or Android.

You can play against other others in 1v1 and 2v2 Ranked matches or 4-player Free-for-All casual games. When you play on Ranked matches, you are matchmade with players similar to your skill level. You can reach Platinum and beyond once you get good with your combo skills and character movements.

You and up to seven of your friends can join custom rooms, and get to choose from a huge variety of game modes and team divisions. Game modes like Brawlball, Kung-Foot, Bombsketball, Dodgebomb, Beachbrawl, Snowbrawl, Switchcraft, Water Balloon Fight, KO Mania, Ghostbrawl, Capture the Flag, etc. In fact, the game has several unique maps to offer.

Brawlhalla has over 50 unique characters, with unique fight combos and weapon choices. Since there are so many characters, you can go to the Training Room and practice the combos and fight-chains inside. You also get an extensive view of the hitboxes and frame data.

In case you are not interested in multiplayer, you can always play the single-play tournament mode. You may also join brawl-of-the-week games and make your way to the top of the leaderboards. Since Brawlhalla has regional game servers, you can have low ping and participate in competitive brawls.

Since Brawlhalla is a cross-platform game, you can connect a Bluetooth keyboard or a controller to your iPhone or iPad for a better experience. The touch controls are decent, but you may not keep up with players on other platforms.

You can download Brawlhalla from the App Store for free. You can grind for gold by playing any of the online modes and unlock the characters. They give you zero pay-to-win advantages, and you can play with eight characters every week in case you choose not to spend real money on the “All Legends Pack” to unlock every in-game character.

4. Retro Highway  

Retro Highway is an old-school homage to one of the best-selling SEGA games, OutRun. The game shares the same pixel-art aesthetics and a nostalgic chiptune soundtrack. It’s a classic arcade-style racing game that lets players race for as long as possible, as well as collect coins on the way. All you have to do is avoid collision with oncoming cars and trucks, hit the ramps on time, fly over vehicles, and land on their roofs for bonus coins.

In every run, you will be given three objectives to complete. As you complete those objectives, new race locations will be unlocked. You can also use the coins to unlock 10+ new bikes and upgrade your special power-ups.

Similar to most other free mobile games, Retro Highway has in-game advertisements. However, you can disable them with a one-time payment of $1.99. Furthermore, there are in-game coin bundles that you can purchase with real money.

5. Flight Simulator 0

Although you can’t play the newest Flight Simulator from Microsoft on your iOS device anytime soon, perhaps give Flight Simulator 0 a try. It’s all about giving you the feeling of flying, letting you steer a paper plane over a low-poly 3D abstract landscape.

You will discover runways in 26 different locations, some on the lake shores, and others behind the sharp mountains. The game also has a continuous day-night cycle, alongside dynamic weather that may change your flight path.

Flight Simulator 0 has Game Center integration, with several achievements to unlock. It costs only $1.99 on the App Store, with no in-game purchases and advertisements.

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Top 5 Best Android Games For September 2020 Wed, 16 Sep 2020 07:11:53 +0000 Top 5 Best Android Games For September 2020
Top 5 Best Android Games For September 2020

Now that you won’t be able to play PUBG Mobile in India anymore, you probably are looking for other games to play on your Android device. In fact, there are hundreds of thousands of titles in the Play Store for you to try out.

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Top 5 Best Android Games For September 2020

PUBG Mobile has been recently banned in India for “impinging upon the sovereignty and integrity” of the country, as several apps and games of Chinese-origin have been under fire for logging user data without prior consent.

Now that you won’t be able to play PUBG Mobile in India anymore, you probably are looking for other games to play on your Android device. In fact, there are hundreds of thousands of titles in the Play Store for you to try out.

We have listed the five best Android games in this article that you should definitely check out in this month of September. For a new list of Android games like this one, be sure to come back again next month!

1. Among Us

Among Us is an online murder-mystery game released back in 2018. It has been recently making headlines for 1.5 million concurrent players on Steam, due to its popularity among YouTube and Twitch streamers. The game is available on several platforms, including Android.

Among Us is set in a spaceship that has a group of crew members. However, one of them is an imposter, whose main objective is to sabotage the spaceship and kill everyone aboard. The other crew members have to find out who the real imposter is.

An online match in Among Us consists of five to ten players. The more crew members on the spaceship, the harder it is to find the imposter. Among the players, a few will get the role as an imposter, while others will have to complete a few tasks and escape the imposter. If the imposter survives before getting voted out of the spaceship and manages to kill everyone, he/she will win. There can be up to three imposters at the same time on the spacecraft.

In case the crew members manage to identify the imposters early and kick them out, then the crew members win the game. However, crewmates can communicate with each other for a very limited time. Also, every player gets a chance to call an emergency meeting upon seeing a deceased crew member.

Although Among Us is free on Android, the game enforces in-app microtransactions for cosmetic items, such as caps, masks, hats, etc. You will also find additional downloadable content in the game.

2. Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is Ubisoft’s new role-playing game for mobile devices. The game consists of legendary characters from Ubisoft’s famous franchises, including several operators from Rainbow Six, Division agents from The Division, “The Ghosts” from Ghost Recon, and upper-class Echelon agents (e.g., Sam Fisher) from Splinter Cell. The game also features iconic villains from the respective franchises.

You can assemble your favorite heroes and villains from Tom Clancy’s video game universe and train them to battle against powerful opponents in a 5v5 turn-based tactical shooter. The game features dozens of maps from the franchises, including the Presidential Plane from Rainbox Six Siege, Detention Facility from Splinter Cell Blacklist, Death Angel Church from Ghost Recon Wildlands, Brooklyn Bridge from The Division, and many more.

As you put your elite squad on the battlefield against squads of other players in the game, you earn more experience points and rare gear. You can use it to train, equip, and upgrade your squad team and unleash their full potential. You have to build the ultimate strategy to weaken your opponents and defeat them by engaging in intense PvP fights.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad has a leaderboard system. You can invite your friends and other players over the Guild Wars and try to reach the top of the leaderboard.

Since it’s a free-to-play game, there are some in-game items that you will be encouraged to buy for real money. However, you can disable the purchases from the game settings.

3. OneBit Adventure

OneBit Adventure is a mobile RPG dungeon crawler that requires players to explore the world and unlock new areas by fighting against evolving enemies. All you have to do is use your fighting skills and survive against monsters at all costs.

There are a handful of playable characters in OneBit Adventure, each having unique skills, strengths, and weaknesses. You can play as a Warrior, Blood Knight, Wizard, Necromancer, or a Pyromancer. You will have to level up your character and increase the stats of your heroes so that they can keep up the pace against powerful enemies.

The gameplay is relatively straightforward. You can move your character by swiping the screen and bump on the enemies to attack them. Every time you defeat an enemy, you will earn experience points. However, you will only have a limited amount of health points. The more you earn XP, the better upgrades you will unlock for your character.

Throughout the world, you will also find coins, items, and several other loots. You will find health items as well, which you can use to replenish your HP bar and progress through the adventure. Apart from encountering normal enemies, you will occasionally face boss battles too.

OneBit Adventure is free on the Play Store, albeit with in-game purchases for character upgrades and unlocking skills. If you are a fan of casual RPG games, then definitely give OneBit Adventure a try on your Android device.

4. Door Kickers: Action Squad

Door Kickers: Action Squad is an old-school, side-scrolling action game that lets you play as a SWAT trooper and deal with criminals in Nowhere City, USA.

You have to customize your gear and breach into the place of high-profile criminals to neutralize them. You will also have to rely on the unique in-game strategic abilities system to not only use weapons in a precise manner but also refill gear and health packs for yourself. Furthermore, you will be the one to decide whether your squad members’ lives are worth saving or not.

Door Kickers: Action Squad consists of six playable characters: Assaulter, Breacher, Shield, Recon, Agent Fergie, and Off-Duty Guy. Each character offers unique gameplay and level-up options, along with different types of gear and firepower. You will encounter 20+ types of dangerous enemies and have to complete four mission objectives.

The game also offers 80+ non-linear levels, plus an endless tower mode and a zombie invasion mode. You can play Door Kickers: Action Squad with either the on-screen controls or a controller if you want.

You will have to make a one-time purchase of ₹280, and the game will be linked to your Google account. Note that there are zero in-game microtransactions.

5. Color Roll: Slide Block Puzzle

Color Roll is a challenging puzzle game that helps you improve your hand-eye coordination and perception. All you have to do is slide the blocks and get the same wanted pattern on each level. However, you can only slide a limited number of blocks, and the patterns get progressively complex over the completion of levels.

The game features unique and creative puzzles, and you can choose between easy and hard game modes. You can play Color Roll offline, as it doesn’t require you to remain connected to the internet. For those who can’t make out differences between particular colors, the game also offers a color-blind mode for the best experience.

If you like challenging puzzle games, install Color Roll for free from the Play Store and check it out. In-game advertisements are present, but you do get the option to remove it.

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