Catch the Snitch Brings Tabletop Tactics to Franchise Fans


Harry Potter: Catch the Snitch is a new tactics board game based on the popular wizarding sport Quidditch. Give the campaign a look now.

Harry Potter: Catch the Snitch is the latest Harry Potter-themed board game to show up on Kickstarter. As you’d expect, the incredibly popular franchise has led to tons of board games. However, not many of them try to capture the sport of Quidditch. And those that have been made are, at best, middling. This new, miniature-heavy version from Knight Games shows some promise. Check it out.

Harry Potter: Catch the Snitch brings some light tactics to Quidditch. In the first phase, You’re assembling a team, playing tactical cards to move them around the pitch, and rolling dice to find out if each action is successful. Once the Snitch is spotted, it’s a mad dash between you and your opponent to see who can capture it first. If you’re in the market for a lighter tactical tabletop game, this might be for you.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Knight Games has run a campaign for this game. The first Catch the Snitch was delayed last week after being available for about a day. Knight Games listed the reason as the uncertainty around the US election, which was an odd reason. And now, the new campaign has some important changes that may have helped make it successful.

Most importantly, the new campaign for Catch the Snitch is about $15 cheaper while including the Harry Potter mini for free. On top of that, the funding goal went from $442,645 to $53,117. That’s a massive change that makes it much easier for Knight Games to hit its goal. Additionally, it opens up the campaign for more stretch goals.

Regardless, Harry Potter: Catch the Snitch is available to back on Kickstarter for 28 more days. Give it a look if you’re looking for a new Potter game.




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