Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – How To Unlock The Gate In The Safe House


Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War differs from other games in the series thanks to the inclusion of the safe house, a location you’ll often head back to between missions. But the safe house has secrets of its own, including a padlocked, chainlink door that blocks off a chunk of the room. Behind it are a number of Easter eggs and other elements that make opening it a worthwhile way to spend a few minutes.

To open the padlock, you need a six-digit combination. Piecing that number together requires finding several clues, however. Beside the door, you’ll find a list of documents (all of which relate to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy) that reveal the numbers you need for the lock. The documents are scattered around the safe house, but it can be easy to overlook them.

Here’s a quick rundown of where to find each of the clues for the combination, as well as the code if you want to skip that part.

Safe House Door Clues

To open the safe house door, you’ll need numbers hidden on three documents: the Clinical Record, the Warren Commission report, the Clinical Report, and the Dallas News Article.

Clinical Record

The first document is in a hallway off the back of the safe room. With the evidence board at your back, walk around to the right side of the small office building with the blinds. You’ll see a doorway you can pass through into the hall beyond. Hanging on the left wall is the code.

Warren Commission Report

The second document is the toughest to find just because of how it’s positioned. Standing in front of the padlock, take a few steps back and look down. The report is right there under your feet–easy to blow past because it can be difficult to spot.

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Dallas News Article

Look for the last document in the dark room, on the right wall as you go through the door.

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Safe House Padlock Code

If you want to skip finding the clues, you can just input the code, although you might have already guessed what it is. The padlock code is 11-22-63–the date of the Kennedy assassination.

What’s Behind The Door?

Unlocking the safe house door gets you to a few surprises. You’ll find an arcade cabinet in the back area that you can actually play, as well as a computer you can log into that includes a number of programs to mess with and has text adventure games on it.

Depending on your choices through the game, opening the gate can also have an effect on Cold War’s ending, so make sure you do it before the end of the game.

Why The Kennedy Assassination Tie-In?

All these references to Kennedy have some links to Black Ops lore. In the first Black Ops game, Alex Mason is captured by Russians and brainwashed–their plan is to use him as a sleeper agent who can get close to and assassinate the president. Though the story of the first Black Ops is all about a counter-brainwashing program that sends Mason to take out the men who first tried to indoctrinate him, it’s heavily implied that Mason wasn’t able to break free of his programming and was involved in Kennedy’s murder. The inclusion of three clues related to the assassination builds on that idea.

The Kennedy tidbit isn’t the only interesting story Easter egg in Black Ops Cold War–there’s also a connection to the Modern Warfare games that’s easy to miss.

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