Bridge of Spirits Listed for Q4 2021 Release via PlayStation Website


Kena: Bridge of Spirits could be delayed further back than initially expected if a new launch window proves to be official.

Originally slated to launch this year, developer Ember Lab announced a few months back that it would be delaying Kena: Bridge of Spirits to an unannounced date in Q1 2021. While no news on the game’s impending launch has since been touched on by the studio, new information has now come about claiming that the title could be even further off than expected.

Spotted on the official PlayStation websiteKena: Bridge of Spirits has now appeared with a pending release date that has it set for Q4 2021. As of this moment, Ember Lab hasn’t announced that the game has been delayed any more than what was already stated earlier in 2020, but considering this new launch window is appearing on a pretty legitimate page, it does raise questions.

That being said, until Ember Lab has something official to say about a new launch window for Kena: Bridge of Spirits, you should take this information with the usual grain of salt. A delay of 6+ months past what was already expected would be quite substantial, although it’s not unfounded. There’s also the possibility that this label on the PlayStation site could just be a mere typo, as well.

Regardless of what the truth might be, we should likely hear more about Kena: Bridge of Spirits from Ember Lab soon enough. Whether the game is delayed again or it is still set to release early next year remains to be seen, but in either instance, more incoming news seems inevitable. Until then, all we know officially is that the title will launch on PS4, PS5, and PC whenever it does release.




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