Bluetooth Security Flaw Acknowledged, Could Expose Data of the Device To Hackers


Bluetooth SIG has acknowledged a serious Bluetooth Flaw that could expose data of your device to the hackers. This is a serious Bluetooth Vulnerability which is being exposed by the official body in charge of standards for wireless communications technology.

A team of Bluetooth Researchers have found this major flaw. As per the sources, the Vulnerability has exposed tons of devices and their data. Bluetooth SIG has officially launched a Security notice.

According to researchers, the new Bluetooth Vulnerability is called Key Negotiation of Bluetooth or KNOB Attack. This Vulnerability lets hackers interrupt between your device and wireless connection through Bluetooth during the pairing procedure. This issue makes the encryption between the wireless devices shorter which helps attackers easily get into the data of the devices.

This makes it easier for the attackers to spy through the data of the devices within the connection period. This vulnerability has been found in the device to speaker and speaker to device connection through Bluetooth. And as per the researchers, tons of devices get affected by this serious Bluetooth Vulnerability.

What makes this issue worse is that the vulnerability could also expose the data of the previously connected devices as well. If your device is paired with other devices, then the data of your device could also be exposed even if you are not connected with that device.

The researchers have also published the devices which got affected by this Bluetooth Vulnerability issue. The attackers could only get the data of the devices which have the connection of vulnerability. More researches keep on going on the same issue and they are yet to come up with a proper solution. For the very same reason, Bluetooth SIG has officially released a warning notice.

To fix the Bluetooth Vulnerability, tech giants like Microsoft and Apple have already released patches for their devices to keep their data safe from attackers. They have changed the Bluetooth Core Specifications so that vulnerable Bluetooth device can’t be connected to your device. It’s a useful patch which is already rolled out by Apple and Microsoft.

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