Bethesda announces first three Doom games on Nintendo Switch


Bethesda has announced today first three Doom games to play on Nintendo Switch. In order to play these games, players have to connect to the internet and log in to their Bethesda accounts. This is something surprising for everyone as the original games were running without logging into the Bethesda account. 

Bethesda didn’t mention the login issue when the team announced that all three games were headed to the Switch at the annual QuakeCon convention today. This creates a matter of concern for all players as they were not allowed to play the game without logging in. Later on, ResetEra forum administrator Nibel confirmed the news on Twitter.

When Doom, Doom II, and Doom 3 were released, they were single-player games that didn’t require an internet connection, and Bethesda isn’t explaining why they need players to log in now. Neither these games are produced again from the scratch nor any other changes have been done in these games. They are the same old games that were originally launched. There’s no reason for players to have to connect to their Bethesda accounts to play a game, but that’s the requirement in this case.

However, once player login to their account, they don’t need an internet connection to play all the three titles anymore. They can be played offline. The expected reason behind the addition of this login system is the latest in the gaming community’s ongoing frustration with digital rights management (DRM), a tool often employed by developers and publishers to prevent piracy. 

However, this tool was only applicable to online games with multiplayer support. Players don’t understand why companies like Bethesda need people to log in to their accounts to play an offline, single-player game. Although this is a common thing for any player to login to their account once to play these games, Bethesda should respond to players why they actually require account login. Still, Bethesda hasn’t commented on players’ frustration with the discovery. 

The company did also confirm that Doom, Doom II, and Doom 3 are also available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Android and iOS devices.

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