Best wireless routers 2020: the best router available today


The best wireless routers are vital for a great network connection. That run-of-the-mill router from your local internet provider is probably passable. And, you can probably squeeze a little more coverage out of it with one of the best Wi-Fi extenders. But you’ll still have a budget device responsible for your Wi-Fi signal, which is not promising if you want a robust and reliable signal in your home or office.

The performance you’ll get out of the best wireless routers is night and day. Not only will that signal be stronger and more reliable, but multiple users and devices won’t have to fight over bandwidth. And, these devices usually come with some great additional features like more ports for devices that need them or smart home support.

Whether you’re battling your friends online in the best PC games on that new gaming PC, sitting through important online meetings, or are three days into the best Netflix shows, you don’t want a mediocre router interrupting what matters. And, to help you find the best wireless routers, we’ve gathered our picks for here, including a few of the best mesh routers, so you can get the most out of your network.

Google Nest Wifi takes the Google Wifi and gives it the capabilities of Google Home. (Image credit: Google)

1. Google Nest Wifi

Google Wifi and Home together at long last

Speed: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac 2.4 GHz/5 GHz simultaneous dual-band | Connectivity: Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports | Features: Advanced security chip, Nest Wifi point with Google Assistant, privacy control




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