Best Unusual Apps for Your Smartphone


With over 1 million available apps in both the Google Play Store as well as the Apple Store, you are expected to find pretty much anything you can think of. There are many fun and interesting arcades, as well as genuinely useful apps and games. Whether you want to fill up your phone with some new apps, or maybe try out a new amusing game on your device, or even learn how to make money from your blog, these apps could definitely help you in doing just that. Nevertheless, let’s get to the list:

Send Me To Heaven

S.M.T.H. or Send Me To Heaven is an app which you should use at your own risk. Basically, it’s a ‘cool’ game in which you throw your phone vertically and it precisely calculates the height of the throw. It can be a competitive game, and you can challenge your friends and family to see who gets the highest score, that is until your break your phone of course. If you get bored during your days, this game can definitely bring a sense of adventure and spice into it.

Hold On

Hold On is a fairly simple, yet highly challenging game. It essentially lets you test your own level of patience. What you do is very easy – you hold on a colored square, and the app starts a timer in which it notes the time. You will be able to see how long you had been holding the button without lifting your finger up at all. Challenge yourself and make sure to share your achievements.


Whether you consider this app as cool or something that’s absolutely useless, you must accept the fact that it is a fun and innovative thing to check out. The Blower app uses specific sound frequencies to blow air out of your smartphone’s speakers. The air blower can be strong enough to blow out a candle. Check out the details in the App Store when downloading this app, you can see some (arguably) useful information such as which frequencies you should use to get the best out of the air blowing effect.

Pimple Popper

As you can already guess by the name of this app, it pretty much lets you pop virtual pimples. If you don’t like pimples on your face but you love popping them, here’s your chance. The app has instructions to help you teach how to pop different types of pimples, including blackheads and whiteheads. It’s a little hard to get the hang of it in the beginning, but don’t worry, you’ll be popping a lot of pimples in no time.

$1000000 (One Million)

If you would like to know how counting a million dollars feels like, this app will let you do just that. Except, the money is virtual and you’re swiping the cash digitally. Nevertheless, you can choose to count in either $50 bills or $100 bills. There are multiple different swipe gestures you can use to count the bills. In essence, it’s a completely pointless app without any use to it that has a million dollars inside of it, waiting for you to count them.

Milk The Cow

This app lets you, well, milk the cow. If you’ve ever had ‘milking a cow’ on your bucket list of things you should do, now is the time to cross it off. Some people might get slightly grossed out by the app, but who knows, you might enjoy it a lot. The goal is simple – fill out the bucket with milk in the shortest timeframe possible. Then, you can achieve high scores and be a part of the leaderboard where you can compete with thousands of other players.

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