Best MacBook for students in 2020


There are cheaper alternatives available but the best MacBook for students checks off a few boxes as learning machines. The best laptops for students need to be affordable, student Chromebooks’ popularity being a perfect example. Though MacBooks don’t quite compete in terms of price, they offer a few other things, such as portability, that make them worth considering.

You can already assume you’ll have a slim machine when looking at the best MacBook for students. They’re incredibly easy to lug around campus, even when sprinting between classes. But, they also offer some serious firepower for their size, giving you everything you need to complete your coursework. Add to that, you’ll get the kind of battery life that will get you through a whole school day without the need to recharge. With MacOS, you’re also getting a streamlined user experience that’s only gotten better with the just-released macOS 11 Big Sur.




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