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The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are arguably the most durable iPhones to date. Apple is known to have fronted Corning, a popular maker of strong glass for smartphones and tablets $200 million towards spearheading the research and development of the “toughest glass on a phone.”After the iPhone 11 was released, it was evident that it did feature Corning’s toughest chemistry yet, and the phone has proven to be quite durable and scratch resistant, especially as compared to previous iPhones.

Nevertheless, glass is still prone to cracking and scratches from everyday usage. From being in a pocket with keys or coins, to suffering accidental drops, a phone is always one quick butterfingers moment away from losing its beautiful premium looks.

And while getting a case for your iPhone 11 is great for protecting its back and corners, the phone loses its slimness and build quality, because in most cases you’ll end up holding thick plastic. Protecting the display, however, is rarely a noticeable sacrifice to the phone’s general looks and feel. Thus, it’s good to consider at the very least protecting your phone’s screen by applying a good screen protector onto it.

Best iPhone 11 screen protectors, a summarized list:

Why do I need a screen protector?

iPhone 11 screen protectors serve a variety of functions, from simple scratch and crack protection for the phone’s display, to reducing glare and fingerprints. But in general, their purpose is preventing visual damage to the most important part of your smartphone, the one that you’re always pressing and swiping on – the screen.

Most screen protectors are slim enough that they won’t affect your smartphone experience in any way, unlike a case, as previously mentioned. So getting a screen protector for your iPhone 11 is a great move towards keeping your expensive phone good as new, for as long as possible. But which screen protector is the right one, when they’re all seemingly the same thing?

Let’s take a look at the best screen protectors you can get for your iPhone 11, and figure out the perfect one for you.

Belkin InvisiGlass UltraCurve Screen Protection

Belkin is a trusted brand when it comes to high quality iPhone accessories, and its InvisiGlass UltraCurve screen protector is arguably the highest end one you can get for your iPhone 11. It features a higher molecular density than other types of glass, which is supposed to give it extra strength, while keeping it super slim – at a mere .29mm.

It has been tested to a maximum hardness of 9H (Moh scale of hardness), meaning it will effectively protect your iPhone 11’s display from damage caused by keys, jewelry, coins, even gravel and sand. The InvisiGLass UltraCurve is also easy to apply thanks to the included Easy Align tray.

All of this attention to detail comes with a price, however, making the UltraCurve screen protector the most expensive one on this list, currently priced at $49.95. If you’re after a more affordable solution – we have you covered with most of the next options.

Buy the Belkin InvisiGlass UltraCurve Screen Protection for iPhone 11 from

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