Benefits Of Buying OSRS Gold


If you are a fan of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG), then you probably still play RuneScape 3 or Old School RuneScape. The developers have been updating the game with new content, along with bug fixes and gameplay improvements for nearly two decades now. Last year, OSRS hit an all-time high in active player count on both PC and mobile platforms, and the trend continues this year as well.

This ancient MMO is popular for not only its robust RPG elements but also the unique in-game trading mechanics. The primary currency of OSRS is often referred to as Gold or GP, which players can use to buy new items from NPCs. Players can also trade coins with other OSRS players in exchange for rare items or services.

Having lots of Gold is really important for trading, hence it’s difficult to earn Gold in-game at the same time. While the developer gives players the option to buy Gold with micro-transaction bundles, you can also purchase them at a cheaper price from trusted third-party services.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of buying OSRS Gold, so that you can make a purchase decision without hesitance.

Why should you buy OSRS Gold?

Gold or GP in Old School RuneScape can be used for many things. Pretty much every single tradeable item in the game can be exchanged for Gold, and you can also level up your skills to 99s quickly and easily.

For example, fletching Mithril darts is the fastest way to level up in OSRS, but it will cost you 51M Gold to reach a Fletching skill level of 99. Fletching javelins and bolts can also sometimes lead to a profiting road.

To get 99 levels in Prayer, you have to spend around ten hours of manual clicking. However, you will also need 210M OSRS Gold in order to offer Dagannoth Bones and Superior Dragon Bones at a Chaos altar or a Lit glided alter. Instead of grinding hours upon hours for Gold, you can simply buy OSRS Gold from a third-party website at an affordable price and max out Prayer skill level to 99. Prayer does help your Attack, Defense, Strength, Magic, Ranged, and HP stats.

Another essential skill in OSRS is Construction, which lets players build and furnish their own houses. A starter house will cost you 1000 Gold, but the cost increases as you make significant progress. To level up your Construction skill to 99, you will need a lot of OSRS Gold for effective results. Gnome Benches give you the best XP/hour, so making them will take only around 18 hours for 99 levels in Construction. But, it does cost a hefty 182M OSRS Gold, which takes a considerable amount of time to earn without spending real-world money.

The same goes for Crafting, Magic, Herblore, and Smithing skills, costing you up to 160M OSRS Gold for max levels.

What are the benefits of buying OSRS Gold?

In simple terms, buying OSRS Gold not only saves you from thousands of hours of grinding to max out your level skills but also gives you enough headroom to flip OSRS items in Grand Exchange for major profits. It normally takes a lot of time to get back the same amount of Gold you invest in OSRS, but it does have a monetary value in real life as well.

You can also upgrade your tools and weapons by trading for rare items in Slayer Equipment shops without any hassle. When necessary, you have the option to sell your OSRS Gold for real money as well.

Which sites offer OSRS Gold?

Chicks Gold is one of the best OSRS trading sites that offer OSRS Gold at affordable prices. The exceptional customer support staff guarantees safe trading, and the whole transaction process takes less than five minutes to finish. You can also try out RSGold420 and EZRSGold to buy OSRS Gold safely and instantly.

However, please continue at your own risk as buying OSRS Gold from third-party trading websites dishonor RuneScape’s code of conduct. It might lead to a permanent ban on your RuneScape account, resulting in loss of your valuable inventory.

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