Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart


Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart followed several musicians on a journey to find love through their passion of music. Here is where they all are now.

ABC’s Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart aired in 2020 and three relationships were still going strong after the show. As most fans of The Bachelor franchise know, there is no guarantee their favorite couples will last outside of the mansion. After almost a year, here is everything to know about the relationship status of all Listen To Your Heart couples now and what they are up to.

Ryan and Natascha made it all the way to the semi-finals of Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart back in May, placing fourth in the reality series. After a performance mishap onstage, they were sent packing and left fans wondering whether they were going to continue to pursue their relationship. They have not posted new photos together in months, leading fans to assume they are not continuing a romantic relationship, but they remain good friends and music partners. Natascha posted on her Instagram back in October a cover she and Ryan did while quarantining separately and she encouraged fans to check out his new single. Though the pair do not seem to be dating currently, they seem happy to support each other in their music and are still close.

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Trevor and Jamie had a lot of drama during their time on the show, from Trevor’s cheating scandals to overcoming Jamie’s stage fright. They made it to the finale, and even after they left the mansion, Trevor said on the show that he planned to move to Nashville to be near Jamie. However, soon after the show finished airing, the pair split up and he never moved to Nashville. The two have not posted with each other since the show and have seemingly gone their separate ways to pursue their own respective music careers. Jamie also posted recently on Instagram wishing her followers happy holidays with her new boyfriend.

Matt and Rudi were finalists in Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart and fans found that their opposite personalities and vocals attract which led to great chemistry. However, Matt blindsided Rudi before they were supposed to perform and broke up with her because he was not as certain about the relationship as she was. Rudi and Matt also seem to have decided to have a musical rather than romantic partnership. Rudi last posted with Matt back in late October saying that Matt “may drive me crazy but I love making music with this fool.” The two still post flirty comments on each other’s social media accounts and the chemistry is still there, so who knows!

Chris and Bri were the winners of season 1 of Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart. The pair had an undeniable chemistry on and off stage from the start. They exchanged their first “I love you” on stage, but due to COVID had to spend over three months quarantining apart. They found a way to record their own album even though they have not been able to tour yet. They were still going strong into the new year, spending a lot of time together the past few months. The pair recorded several Christmas songs, created merch and a couple’s Instagram page. Sadly, the pair just announced on their respective Instagrams that they have decided to split up. Chris commented on her post saying “Forever in my heart B.” They said that they still want to continue their creative music partnership and tour in the future, and have a lot of love for each other.

Though none of the Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart couples are still confirmed to be dating in 2021, it’s clear they all valued their experience on the show and the friendships they made. Let’s hope we get to see a lot more from this cast with their new music and possibly appearances on Bachelor in Paradise.

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