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Two of the most important and showstopping events of the new millennium took place in the spring of 2019, only weeks apart from each other. In late April, Avengers: Endgame came into theaters, the record-breaking, epic conclusion to Marvel’s ambitious Infinity Saga. Three weeks later, Game of Thrones aired its controversial and divisive last episode, bringing the groundbreaking show to an end.

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Arguably the two most influential and important franchises in their respective mediums, both Avengers and GoT share many similarities. As such, it’s easy to imagine what would happen if these two worlds collided, creating an epic crossover. If the Avengers went to Westeros, which noble house would they belong to? And would they be able to adapt to their cruel and merciless new reality?

10 Wanda Maximoff

Powerful beyond belief, with abilities that pretty much defy reality, Scarlet Witch is at the very top when it comes to strong Avengers. With a somewhat gray moral compass, she’s not above seeking revenge or retaliation, especially when she’s been wronged.

Clever, brave, more adventurous than she’s given credit for and with the capacity to create and destroy, Wanda is a member of House Targaryen. And just like them, the Marvel universe is holding its breath to see where her coin will land. Will she go mad, like King Aerys, or will she resist her worst impulses, like Aegon V?

9 Doctor Strange

Although proud and even a tad egotistical (at least before gaining his powers), Doctor Strange now holds a major responsibility. As Sorcerer Supreme, bound to become the greatest of them all, per the words of the Ancient One, he’s the protector of Earth. Tasked with defending the planet from any kind of threat, Strange takes his new role seriously and is shown to be willing to sacrifice anything and indeed, anyone to fulfill his mission.

Taking all this into consideration, Strange might be a better fit for the Night’s Watch than any of the major houses. His passion for medicine already hindered his personal life and relationships, so he’s sort of been living under a vow for some time. And with the fate of the planet in his hands, his sense of duty is only going to increase.

8 Spider-Man

Peter Parker may not share the Stark men’s trademark brooding and steely demeanor, but he sure has their sense of honor. Like them, he too is also kind to a fault, extremely naive and with a firm sense of right and wrong. Willing to give people more credit than they deserve, he trusts too much and has a nearly unbreakable faith in the good in others.

Peter would perfectly fit House Stark. He might have some trouble adjusting to the North’s harsh environment, but he’d be a valuable member of the house. Like all Starks, he is brave, courageous, honest, and loyal, even if he needs some toughening up.

7 Captain Marvel

Impulsive, aggressive, stubborn, provocative, and invasive, Captain Marvel is one of the MCU’s most complicated heroes. She comes off rather strong, and her inaccessible attitude makes her difficult to understand. Tough and direct, she seems to have little to no interest in how others perceive her, as long as her power is obvious.

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Taking all this into consideration, Captain Marvel would be a good Martell. Sure, she doesn’t share the House’s love for licentiousness, passion, and love, but she does seem to enjoy her adventurous life. She’s a traveler who has gone up and down the galaxy, acting as a protector and defender, almost as if looking for new and daring challenges to take on.

6 Hawkeye

A spy without any superpower or enhancement, Hawkeye sometimes seems out of place in the most dangerous and big-scale conflicts within the MCU. Even he has said how out of his league he really is when he has to face an army of aliens or robots and all he has is a bow and arrow. When he loses his family to the snap, he becomes reckless, cruel, fearsome, quarrelsome, and tough, even if he’s still just a human.

By the time Endgame comes along, Hawkeye is a true Ironborn, so House Greyjoy would be the place for him. He might not share their more problematic traits, like their proclivity for madness and cruelty to their own, but he certainly shares their sense of adventure and overconfidence.

5 Black Widow

Natasha Romanoff shares a lot of similarities with the women of House Tyrell. Like Margaery and Olenna, she is cunning, shrewd, manipulative and a consummate actress. Well-behaved when needed, she’s capable of disguising her deathly abilities, playing up her more obvious attributes to hide in plain sight.

House Tyrell would grow even stronger with Black Widow among their ranks. While Natasha doesn’t quite share the Tyrell’s taste for luxury and their obvious ambition, she does love a good party. She might be a good friend to Loras, going into the heat of battle alongside him.

4 Hulk

Hulk is the personification of the motto “Ours is the Fury.” Raging, hot-headed, aggressive, and with an ardent passion for a good fight, Hulk is all about anger.

Not as proud as other Baratheons, Hulk would still feel right at home at Storm’s End. The Baratheons would relish in having such a massive and powerful ally in their House and would throw lavish parties to honor their new member. In a way, Hulk’s life as a Baratheon would mirror the time he spent in Sakaar, and every house in the Stormlands would admire and fear the Hulk, paying him the utmost respect.

3 Thor

The God of Thunder could easily and convincingly belong to any number of Westerosi noble houses. He is dutiful, extremely proud, brave, loyal and an exemplary fighter. He does not enjoy carnage but understands that it is sometimes necessary, and is not afraid of getting his hands dirty. Indeed, Thor might have more blood on his hands than any of the other Avengers, except perhaps Hulk.

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Thor’s character has considerably changed, however, and despite his current more comedic personality, he’s still a proud Asgardian who’s more comfortable advising a king, than being one. All these qualities make him the perfect Arryn, and the Eyrie might even remind him of his grandiose castle back in Asgard.

2 Captain America

Cap is all about duty. He is willing to sacrifice every single part of his life, be it romance or physical well-being, as long as it’s for the greater good. However, he is also fiercely loyal and will go to great lengths to protect those he cares about.

While he has all the qualities of a Stark, his emphasis on protecting those he considers family makes him a much better fit for House Tully. Kind and gentle but still proud, he lives by a strict code of duty and honor. While he’s willing to break the rules every now and then, he more often than not sticks by them, recognizing they exist for a reason.

1 Iron Man

Extremely clever, hard when necessary, determined, egotistical, conceited, and cunning, Tony Stark is a complex fellow. He enjoys money, and the privileges that come with it, shamelessly bragging about them every chance he gets. And while his character certainly improved during his MCU tenure, he made a lot of morally questionable things, not only before his time as Iron Man but during his heroic phase.

Tony is a member of House Lannister. He’s much more shrewd and methodical than any of the others, taking his time to plan and execute his ideas. Proud to the point of narcissism, Tony is still capable of heroic deeds. Like Jaime and Tyrion, he doesn’t allow his worst impulses to take over, and with him as the head, House Lannister would most certainly win the game of thrones.

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