Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: 5 Tips On Best Managing Your Settlement


Assassin’s Creed Valhalla features a massive world to explore during the age of the Vikings. The world of Valhalla has an impressive sense of scale, and you will have your work cut out for you when taking on new missions and unearthing the many secrets that the land has to offer. One of your safe havens in the game is the settlement of Ravensthrope, which is your main base of operations in the campaign. As you continue with Eivor’s story, you’ll uncover some unique opportunities to expand the settlement in some interesting ways.

In this guide, we’re highlighting some key details to consider when it comes to building your base and expanding Eivor’s influence in England and beyond. While the settlement opens up early in the game, you’re only scratching the surface of what opportunities it can bring you for the first 10 or so hours of the campaign. Along with fishing, hunting, and online trading, the settlement can also introduce new quest lines that will let you bond with its inhabitants. So here’s a quick rundown of some things to consider when it comes to building your base.

Patience Is Key

Surprisingly, this is one of the more critical things to consider when working on your settlement. As soon as you reach England and break ground on your new base of operations, you’ll likely want to drop everything and focus on recruiting followers, building new structures, and generally just making your base the best it can be. Building your settlement is very much a long-term project in Valhalla, and while you can take part in raids to net some new resources, you’ll need to level up more and take on new story missions to continue building it beyond your more modest means in the opening hours.

One of the key resources you’ll need to build structures are Supplies and Raw Materials. Raw Materials are gained from Raids, which has your squad of Viking comrades invading enemy bases and towns. While a few Raids will be available to take part in early on, the bulk of them will require a higher Power Level for Eivor, which makes them extremely difficult to pull off in the opening hours. Eventually, you will be able to unlock a cartographer in your settlement, who can clue you in to hidden caches of building materials for your settlement, but this is also a long-term goal. Once you get your base on its feet, don’t be in such a rush to try and unlock everything. As you complete more story quests, the true potential of your settlement will become more clear.

Focus On The Essentials

After establishing the base, you’ll only have a set amount of resources to spend on your settlement. After opening up the Blacksmith shop, you’ll have a chance to get another structure on its feet. We’d recommend opening up the Hidden Ones bureau immediately. Run by Hytham, the Assassin will introduce Eivor to the web of Order members throughout Valhalla’s world, most of whom hide in plain sight. In addition to granting Eivor the ability to use the leap of faith, the bureau and its secrets will clue you in on various hidden Assassin bases. However, the bureau’s primary function is to hunt and assassinate the members of the opposing Order. Similarly to Odyssey’s hit list of hidden targets, the bulk of these individuals are optional. Upon pulling off an assassination of these targets, you can acquire an Order medallion, which you can turn in for great rewards back at the bureau, such as poison and fire abilities to weaken foes. Getting started on this early can be a massive help in the long run, so when you’re looking around the base for things to build, always consider what can help you, but also further down the road.

Setting up the Hidden Ones bureau will open up new targets to find in Valhalla’s world.

Check In With Your Settlers

Eivor is responsible for making sure the settlers are happy and that the camp’s resources are used effectively. One thing you should always remember to do is to check out Eivor’s letterbox on the regular. In their room located in the central building, Eivor has a box where settlers can send in requests. Reading these messages will clue you in on new opportunities, such as potential leads on new quests and points of interest. Depending on who these requests come from, they can potentially lead to some fun side-quests that show off what’s located around the settlement. You can also check in with many of the settlement’s key members when exploring the camp, such as the shopkeepers, blacksmith, and traveling merchants. As you upgrade the base’s key installations, you’ll also open new dialogue with them. Some of these villagers can also lead to some potential romances, which can further strengthen your bond with your favorite people in Ravensthorpe. Also, make sure to visit your pets scattered around the base, because why wouldn’t you?

Keep Building Your Ranks

Once you build enough structures, you’ll eventually level up your base’s renown. Upon leveling up the settlement, more expansion opportunities will open up. These lead to new side activities, but they also bring in new people and more high-end structures to build. One of the new buildings you can establish once you hit rank two is the Stable & Aviary. Once you make it, you can swap out rideable horses or wolves (yes, you can ride wolves), along with changing the look of Eivor’s raven. This particular structure also allows you to add new perks to your rideable mount, which can be useful later on when exploring the map’s further reaches. Along with the stable, you can upgrade housing to open up access to the dinner bell, which can be rung to grant you a buff after the entire camp eats a meal. Not only does this make for a more worthwhile upgrade, but it also makes for a more connected community for everyone in the base.

Though you will have modest beginnings, your settlement will soon become a major base of operations over the course of the story.
Though you will have modest beginnings, your settlement will soon become a major base of operations over the course of the story.

Recruit Some Muscle

One of the more surprising additions that can be added to your settlement is the Jomsviking. As you increase your renown, you’ll open up the barracks, which will allow you to take a custom character out on remote missions. Like Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, these characters are sent out on faraway missions and can come back after a set amount of time with rewards. Their success on these missions depends on their gear loadout and skills, so you’ll need to outfit them with some decent weapons to ensure their survival. In Valhalla, your Jomsviking can be sent to another player’s game to undertake a mission, which adds more of a sense of community with others online. So once you have the renown and resources available, open up the barracks to add another revenue stream for your base.

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