Apple To Make Major Announcement Tomorrow, But Not For A New Product


A ‘big announcement’ from Apple is due to take place tomorrow and while it is not for a product, the suggestion is, it’s for something bigger.

Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke with CBS This Morning and while the video is focused on the recent violence at Capitol Hill, the original purpose of the interview was to announce a major new Apple initiative. Few details were given, but there was a clarification that this was not a product announcement, with the suggestion it will actually be for something bigger.

Apple typically holds events for product announcements. Often, less important products are introduced at the Worldwide Developers Conference each year. The new iPhone and products with big upgrades are generally revealed in the fourth quarter, but products with incremental changes may be announced with a simple press release. For example, press releases are also used to cover Apple’s various programs and initiatives.

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A somewhat cryptic Tweet from CBS This Morning included an excerpt of an interview between Gayle King and Tim Cook and confirmed a ‘major new initiative’ from Apple will be announced tomorrow. The interview will touch on other topics, including the recent violence at Capitol Hill, but it was scheduled before the unfortunate events of last week. King clarified that this is not a product announcement, but something bigger and better. Adding, that King went to an Apple Store for the interview while Cook was at “his headquarters.” King also praised Cook as being “a good human being” and “a very strong business leader.” Several possible ideas suggested by 9to5Mac included that Apple Stores might be used as vaccination centers. The California Disneyland recently announced that it would be a point of distribution, with plans to vaccinate thousands daily. The interview location, timing and world events lend credibility to this idea, but it may be something else.

Apple’s Initiative Announcement

Apple Logo Over Apple Park

Past Apple initiatives have included the environment, privacy, equality, education and health. All of these are big and important topics and any one of them could be the focus of tomorrow’s announcement. A health focus would almost certainly be about the pandemic, but instead of vaccination, perhaps there could be a breakthrough in testing. The topic of privacy has been very much in the news, due to the recent changes in the Apple App Store and the introduction of Privacy Labels. Further changes are coming, but these have already been discussed and wouldn’t really call for an interview. Equality issues are perhaps too pervasive of a problem for Apple to address effectively. While it is a large and powerful company, it is still a business, not a government. Education initiatives come from Apple frequently and wouldn’t require an interview to spread the news.

That leaves only the environmental effort, which could involve recycling and reusing as it has discussed before, but reducing emissions through clean energy could be bigger news. There have been leaks regarding new battery technology coming from Apple, which may go beyond just powering Apple devices or even the rumored Apple Car. A breakthrough could help speed the adoption of green energy, which tends to come in surges, during the sunniest parts of the day for solar energy and during windy periods for turbines, instead of the consistency that comes with burning non-renewable fuels. Of course, Apple’s new initiative could be for something entirely different.

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Source: CBS This Morning/Twitter

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