Apple Released new ‘Just Text Them the Money’ Ad to Promote Apple Pay Cash


After Consumer Report P2P mobile payment rankings crowned Apple Pay Cash as the top peer-to-peer payment platform, Apple came with the latest advertisement of Apple Pay Cash campaign in continuation with the ‘Just text them the money’ series seen for the past few months.

The ad starts with one person saying dinner is on them and sending over $55 through Apple Pay Cash to their friend. The second person replies back that no, they’ve got it and shoots the $55 right back over. The pair then proceeds to continuously send money back and forth as the ad speeds up and fades to a black screen that reads “Just text them the money.” The “Apple Pay in Messages” tagline appears.

Among the peers like Venmo, Square Cash, and Facebook Messenger Apple Pay Cash managed to clinch top spot due to it better privacy and security compared with the peers.

Launched in December last year Apple introduced Pay Cash in iOS 11.2, allowing iPhone and iPad users to send peer-to-peer Apple Pay payments to one another using the Messages app. Money received via Apple Pay Cash can be used for Apple Pay payments or deposited in a bank account, much like other mobile peer-to-peer payment services like Venmo.

Currently, Apple Pay Cash is a feature available in United State while details to make service available to other regions are awaited.

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