Apple Promises to Treat Online Web Tracking as Malware


Apple is taking a bold step against the online privacy breachers who don’t care about the privacy of the users. Apple is updating its default web browsing app i.e. Safari web browser with a new anti-tracking policy. According to Apple’s statement, the new policy will treat online web tracking as malware.

The new policy of Apple would be called WebKit Tracking Prevention Policy. This new policy is specially designed for the websites which keep an eye on the user data. The new policy is believed to be harmful for the users as there will be some unwanted consequences that the users have to face.

A new Policy page has been published by Apple which describes everything about the new Policy to stop the web-tracking. Apple’s Safari web browser is currently the best and most secured web browser app. The company wrote in a blog post that anyone who tries to bypass Safari’s anti-cross-site tracking features will be treated as Malware.

Apple also added that they are developing a new anti-tracking feature against such websites and apps which are tracking their users without their consent. The company also said that they will add this new policy without any updates to the user’s browser. So you will not be able to figure out whether the new policy applied to your browser or not.

Cross-site tracking policy keeps track of the user’s browsing experience and they will use the collected data of the users to promote their products. They can also use this data for their self-growth.

If you search for anything on your PC’s web browser, you will likely to see the same ads on your Facebook, Instagram and other social networks on your mobile phone and PC system.

The same policy recently acquired by the Mozilla Firefox browser which is the second most popular web browser after Google’s Chrome. Apple stated that we are not the first ones to come up with such an anti-tracking policy. This is just a basic privacy feature that Apple is adding to the Safari web browser for the users. We will soon receive more updates on the same, stay tuned!

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