Apple may Launch Foldable iPhone, Patents for foldable iPhone Revealed


Just like every year, we will see a bunch of extraordinary and innovative devices in the technology world. After the successful announcements of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s Mate X Foldable devices, Apple is also planning to come up with their first Foldable device i.e. the Foldable iPhone.

The company has filed its new patents with the US Patent Office revealing about their upcoming ventures with the foldable devices. Many sources have also claimed that the company is already preparing for its first Foldable iPhone.

The latest Patents from Apple is about the internal heating system of their foldable device. Just like other foldable devices, the new Foldable iPhone will also feature a hinge to combine two individual displays.

Unlike other devices, Apple will be using multiple sensors for keeping an eye on the temperature of the device. It will prevent the displays from heating up with the processor. If it gets cold, the different components will heat it up and the device will run smoothly without any issues.

The patent is very impressive and it shows how the new Foldable iPhone will use the new technologies to amaze the masses. When the company adds a dedicated heating management device, the device will get bulkier and no one going to buy such a bulky device. For the very same reason, the company is adopting this innovative internal heating system to keep the device on the required temperature for the hinge and its functionality.

Apparently, Apple has not released any public statement regarding its new venture in the foldable device industry. However, the recently filed Patents by Apple is already making things clear. And yes, we will get to see the new Apple Foldable iPhone in the coming months.

We have to keep in mind that, this device might not be released by the company. We have to take this information with a pinch of salt until we hear something from the officials regarding it.

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Source Patently Apple

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