Apple got Boycotted by Chinese Companies after Huawei Fallout


Chinese Companies are encouraging their employees to boycott Apple after the arrest of Huawei’s Cheif Financial Officer, Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver CA on Dec 1. He was arrested by Canadian Police in the case of violation of U.S. sanction against Iran and was requested by the U.S. Government to do so. So, in protest to this situation, Chinese companies are forcing their employees neither to use nor to buy Apple Products.

According to a report by Nikkei Asian Review, to accomplish this protest at high-level Chinese companies are giving subsidies on Huawei Products ranging from 10% to even Free of cost. Not only that, 20 Chinese firms had recently announced on their Social Media handles that they are going to increase the purchase of Huawei Products, even their Business Management System.

Even some are punishing their Employees if they are not following their orders to Boycott Apple Products. And that’s the reason why the market of Apple in China had downgraded at a very tremendous rate. The shares of Apple has fallen down in China. Chinese firms are protesting against this issue in their own way, where some are offering Two free Huawei Products per Employee while on the other hand, some of the Brewers are offering up to 30% off on Alcohol on showing a receipt of purchasing a Huawei Product.

Huawei has been banned in the U.S Market in concern of their National Securities. Not only that, but with Huawei, another Chinese company ZTE has been locked out as they have been found to be a threat to National Security. However, in 2017 ZTE has agreed to pay $892 billion in accused of violation of U.S. Sanction.

Some other countries have also taken a hard step to get rid of Huawei products from their market as they are devastating their market on the behalf of Chinese Government.

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