Apple event live blog: are new Macs and MacBooks incoming?


Apple’s last event of 2020 is kicking off in around five minutes time! With Apple promising One More Thing, we’re expecting the company to finally reveal its new lineup of Macs and MacBooks powered by its own ARM-based processors, rather than Intel chips.

Why should you care what processor your MacBook runs? Good question. By creating its own ‘Apple silicon’ chips, Apple will have almost complete control over the hardware, as well as the software, that powers its Macs and MacBooks.

This should hopefully result in better-optimized devices that offer improved performance, quicker boot times and longer battery lives. It could be the most exciting change to Macs and MacBooks for a very long time.

So, hopefully we’ll see some of those today when the event kicks off at 10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm GMT on November 10 (and 4am November 11 AEST for Australians).

We’ll show you how to tune it in our how to watch Apple’s One More Thing event article, but if you can’t view the video, or would like some expert commentary, then keep your eyes glued to this live blog, where we’ll be spilling all the latest news, analysis and reactions throughout the event.

Apple event live blog: let the Mac onslaught commence!

All times are in PST

10:03: Tim Cook’s here and has mentioned that Apple has brought more devices than ever before, including the Apple Watch SE and Series 6 and iPhone 12s. This is the third major launch event this year, which considering the circumstances, is pretty impressive.

10:02: And we’re on. Some nice shorts of Apple’s campus in Cupertino. Not been. Looks… clean. 

09:59: Almost there! Remember to check out our how to watch Apple’s One More Thing event guide to watch along at home

09:56: We’re not just around 5 minutes from the event kicking off. I’ve got my dinner (remember, I’m in the UK so it’s not that odd to be eating now), and will stuff it into my face while Apple stuffs all our faces with Mac and MacBook goodness. Sort of.

08:57: With Apple moving its Macs and MacBooks to its own processors, many people may be wondering if this means Apple and Intel are parting ways forever. We don’t think so. Both companies have been at pains to say that they’re continuing to work together on products, and it’s likely that Apple’s high-end productivity machines, like the 16-inch MacBook Pro and Mac Pro, will continue to have Intel processors – for now, at least.

08:10: Rumors suggest we’ll be seeing new MacBooks, but it’s also likely that Apple is working on new Macs as well. While we may not see new Macs or iMacs today, we may get hints about when we can expect desktop Mac PCs to arrive with ‘Apple silicon’ processors.

(Image credit: Apple)

06:44: Well, the Apple Store is now down. This usually happens when Apple is about to launch new products, but it’s annoying if you wanted to buy something else, I guess.

06:28: Apart from new MacBooks and Macs, there are rumors of Apple AirTags being shown off today. These little devices will apparently clip on to your belongings, and if you lose those items, you should be able to use your iPhone, Mac or iPad to find them. It sounds quite handy, but hopefully they aren’t the most exciting products Apple will show today, otherwise, I’m gonna just go back to bed.

05:00: Apple is up and tweeting – well its social media team is. There’s just one tweet, and it’s about today’s event. Still no clues on what the event could be about (but we have a good idea).

04:00: It’s (most likely) new Mac and MacBook day today! Yey! Now, before you get too concerned, I’m not actually awake at 4am to cover the Apple event. I’m excited, but not that excited. While this liveblog will be in PST time, I’m actually based in the UK, where it’s actually 12pm. A much more respectable time to write about Apple. And almost time for lunch. Yum.




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