Apple and Google Introduces Their Covid-19 Contact Technology for Tracing People


Earlier this month, we came to know about the collaborative work on coming up with a new contact technology by Apple and Google, the biggest tech-giants of the world. Today, they have introduced or we can say showcased and released some information about their new venture which looks quite promising.

The two company has released how their new Covid-19 Tracking App will work in real life. They have also shared some vital information about the app. The Contact Tracing App will work on the Bluetooth connection on Smartphones. The app will send an alert if the person is coming closer who has contacted the Covid 19 Positive person.

Interestingly, Apple and Google to start sending out this new app through an open update later this month. Users will no longer have to download or install the app manually, the app will come as a default app with a new software update. It will be there automatically which you need to customize as per their instructions.

The app will work with the Government Agencies who too are using the Covid-19 Tracking Apps. It is up to the Governments of different countries to take this thing as per their norms.

According to Experts, the new technology will have to pass out a few major obstacles while working in real life for the public. Smartphones offer a powerful Bluetooth connection which can detect the devices even if they are in a different room. Some trolls can use this app for misleading others. The app will never know who is right and who is wrong, its duty is to just send an alert signal and that’s it.

Well, Apple and Google have known to these obstacles and they are currently working on the issues to overcome as soon as possible so that the world can heal faster using this new technology equipment while people going out to help the economy by working.

The app will allow governments to import a unique Diagnosis Key so that they don’t need to work on false claims by the trolls. We will learn more about this app in the coming days.

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