Apex Legends Glitch makes Gibraltar more useful


Being an Apex Legends player, no one seriously like Gibraltar who is normally a walking target with large hitbox and big orange shield which make him visible from a large distance. And due to this reason, many players quit taking Gibraltar as their characters. But recently, a new glitch has been observed by a player which makes Gibraltar more useful than ever we thought him to be.

In this new glitch, players are able to attach several abilities to Gibraltar’s shield allowing him to perform certain actions which makes him more useful in the game. It can combine the teammate characters Caustic’s gas canisters to make a super weapon which is capable enough to destroy a whole squad in a rush.

In the latest glitch, if you combine Gibraltar’s shield, Caustic’s gas canisters, and Pathfinder’s grapple ability, you make something like a long stick which can swirl your teammate in the air and can drop him anywhere. Cool, isn’t it?

Not only this, if you attach the abilities to Gibraltar’s shield, you become free to bounce around the map like a rubber ball, making it easier for you to escape from your enemies and can shoot them surprisingly. These all some cool glitch in the game especially working for Gibraltar. So, if you haven’t tried it yet, go and check it out this glitch. Hopefully, this glitch works for you too like several others.

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