Animal Crossing: Catch These Bugs And Fish In New Horizons Before September


September is just around the corner, which means a variety of new bugs and fish will soon begin appearing in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Unfortunately, that also means that certain species are about to leave the game, making this your last chance to catch them for the time being.

With summer winding down, a ton of different beetles and cicadas will soon disappear for Northern Hemisphere players, while Southern Hemisphere players only have a few more hours to catch dung beetles and Rajah Brooke’s Birdwings. Below you can see all the bugs and fish that are leaving Animal Crossing: New Horizons today, August 31, so catch them while you can.

Fish And Bugs Leaving After August

Northern Hemisphere


FrogPond 2All day120
Giant SnakeheadPond 59 AM – 4 PM5,500
KillifishPond 1All day300
NapoleonfishSea 64 AM – 9 PM10,000
SquidSea 3All day500

Only a handful of fish are leaving Northern Hemisphere islands in September. Most are small fries that will only net you a few hundred bells from Timmy and Tommy, but you’ll definitely want to reel in Giant Snakeheads and Napoleonfish while you can. The former can be found in ponds and will fetch 5,500 bells apiece, while the latter live in the ocean and are worth 10,000, making them some of the most valuable fish you can find.


Blue Weevil BeetleOn coconut treesAll day800
Brown CicadaOn hardwood/cedar trees8 AM – 5 PM250
Cicada ShellOn treesAll day10
Common BluebottleFlying near flowers4 AM – 7 PM300
Cyclommatus StagOn coconut trees5 PM – 8 AM8,000
Drone BeetleOn treesAll day200
Evening CicadaOn hardwood/cedar trees4 PM – 8 AM550
Giant CicadaOn hardwood/cedar trees8 AM – 5 PM500
Giant StagOn trees11 PM – 8 AM10,000
Giraffe StagOn coconut trees5 PM – 8 AM12,000
Golden StagOn coconut trees5 PM – 8 AM12,000
Great Purple EmperorFlying near flowers4 AM – 7 PM3,000
Horned AtlasOn coconut trees5 PM – 8 AM8,000
Horned DynastidOn trees5 PM – 8 AM1,350
Horned ElephantOn coconut trees5 PM – 8 AM8,000
Horned HerculesOn coconut trees5 PM – 8 AM12,000
Jewel BeetleOn tree stumpsAll day2,400
Miyama StagOn treesAll day1,000
Robust CicadaOn trees8 AM – 5 PM300
Saw StagOn treesAll day2,000
Scarab BeetleOn trees11 PM – 8 AM10,000

Cicadas and beetles have been a common sight during the summer, but a variety of them are leaving the game in September. The beetles in particular typically fetch a pretty penny at Nook’s Cranny, and many won’t be back until next July, so you’ll want to catch as many as you can while they’re still around. You can read more in our complete bugs guide.

Southern Hemisphere


BlowfishSea 39 PM – 4 AM5,000
Pond SmeltRiver 2All day400

Only two fish are leaving in September for Southern Hemisphere players: the blowfish and the pond smelt. Of the two, only the blowfish is of any real value; it sells for 5,000 bells, a pretty nice chunk of change.


DamselflyFlyingAll day500
Dung BeetleSnowballsAll day3,000
Rajah Brooke’s BirdwingFlying near flowers8 AM – 5 PM2,500

As with fish, only a few bugs are leaving Southern Hemisphere islands next month. Dung beetles are the most valuable; they’ll net you 3,000 bells apiece at Nook’s Cranny. They’re also some of the easiest bugs to spot; you’ll see them rolling around snowballs. The Rajah Brooke’s Birdwing is leaving the game as well and is worth 2,500 bells, but it’ll return again in October, so you’ll have another chance to catch it soon.

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