Android P is Officially Launched as Android Pie; Update Available for Pixel Phones and Essential Phones


Google has released the newest version of Android called Android Pie with refreshed design and loads of AI inputs making the latest version one of best among the Android versions by the company so far. Pixel devices and Essential Phone could download the new Android version while others have to wait till the end of the year.

With the latest Android, Google came with ‘Digital Wellbeing’ concept making pro-active prompts on the recent usages by user making selection easier. Let me make more clear by taking example shared by company of ‘Lyft’(car rideshare app) as when you look for Lyft it would prompt last action without taking you inside the app and you could choose from the most preferred ones like take a ride to office or home these are called ‘Slices’ relevant information from your favorite apps.

The update having far better AI used as the core in the new Android would make phone smarter by numerous features of general and specific purposes and one of such could be the use of battery for lesser-used apps saving power of the battery, the feature is known as ‘Adaptive Battery’ and would be a useful one for the smartphone users. Another feature ‘Adaptive Brightness’ adjust brightness as per need and use of the device.

For navigation, a bar at the bottom of the screen could be found while the home button has taken shape of a pill which can be swiped up or sideways. Swiping up opens the Recent App switcher and can also open the app drawer from anywhere.

To make it easier to move new UI is a horizontal list with windows that do not overlap and to split screen mode could be achieved by long-pressing the app icon.

A new Dashboard would be on offer when the Android 9 Pie launches making it more easier to understand spending of time across the device, App Timer to control time spent on app and alerts by changing the screen colour, Do Not Disturb muting all visual pop-up interrupting the screen and Wind Down which switches on Night Light and Do Not Disturb and fades the screen to grayscale before bedtime. These features were revealed by Google at Google I/0 this May. Check out the full details here

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