Android 12 will bring a brand-new App Pairs split-screen mode


Android 11 is still hot from the software oven but Google is moving forward, as always. The company’s next mobile OS will feature some neat improvements. Earlier this month, XDA Developers dug up a piece of code, suggesting a new hibernation mode for unused apps baked into Android 12. Last year, Google also promised to make the use of third-party app stores easier with Android 12, and now we have yet another piece of the Android 12 puzzle – App Pairs.Also Read:

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According to 9to5Google, the company is working on this revamped split-screen mode, to offer a better and more intuitive multitasking experience to Android users. Instead of opening one app, and then activating split-screen mode for that app via the Recents view, users will be able to group two apps in “tasks” and then quickly launch these pairs or switch between a pair of apps and a single app.

Android 12 will also let people easily “pair” two apps right from the Recent view. When you use such a pair, the divider between the two apps will also get a bonus feature. Dragging the divider will still resize both apps but when you double-tap on it, the two active apps will quickly swap positions. The first Android 12 Developer Preview is expected to arrive in February.




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