AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2970WX and Threadripper 2920X Launch Date Revealed


Just right after the need for a more powerful processor was elevated, AMD announced the availability of 2nd Generation Ryzen Threadripper family, which is the AMD Threadripper 2970WX and the AMD Threadripper 2920X for high-end desktops. Both these CPUs will be globally available for purchase on October 29.

Threadripper 2970WX

The AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2970WX processor is a bit the same with the 2990WX, which uses four eight-core Zeppelin dies on a single piece of substrate. It has 24 cores with SMT technology and running at 3.0-4.2 GHz, 64 MB of cache, a quad-channel DDR4-2933 memory subsystem, and 60+4 lanes of PCIe Gen 3.

The chip also has a 250 W TDP that will greatly compliment with the latest AMD X399-based motherboards with enhanced VRMs, and a high-performance cooler that is designed to dissipate a large amount of thermal energy.

Threadripper 2920X

On the other hand, the Ryzen Threadripper 2920X was designed for high-end desktop enthusiasts. It uses two Zen+ dies with two cores disabled for each of them. It runs 12 cores with SMT at 3.5-4.3 GHz, 32 MB of cache, a quad-channel DDR4-2933 memory subsystem, and 60+4 lanes of PCIe Gen 3. The “baby” Threadripper 2 is compatible with any AMD X399-powered platform with a proper BIOS by the use of a TDP of 180 W.

Since these chips are made to be overclocked, a motherboard with a reliable VRM and a robust cooler are highly recommended because the power consumption and TDP tend to skyrocket on overclocked processors, but the great performance is rest assured.

AMD has also announced that these CPU’s will feature a Dynamic Local Mode. This mode is designed to arrange the NUMA, so the cores with direct access to the memory have priority, which will boost the performance by up to 49% by optimising the assignment of local memory controllers.

The AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2970WX processor costs about $1,299 (Rs.95,976 approx.) while the Ryzen Threadripper 2920X will be $649 (Rs.47,951 approx). Both of them will be available on October 29 from leading retailers all over the world.

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